Lemurian Royal Isle of Siptah

War Court.

where the heck is it?

In exiles, you want armor, you go kill the which queen, and it yours.

Siptah it says was count. Do not even know what or where that is.
OR do we have to magically find Lemurian surges and wipe them out, wipe them all out?


T4 lemurian surges, rare drops + pay attention to what the knockable thralls wear. After you convert them they often come with at least a piece of that armor.


From what I see, many standard feats come from looting dead Wild Surges. These include Dafari Banners and the such. Many emotes come from Messages in ta Bottle, dances, taunts, etc. Specialized or Quest Feats come from running vaults. Grandmaster Armorer, for example.

Lastly, the Delvining Bench will give your recipes for legendary class weapons.

Now I know where to look

So it is possible to get lumerian royal and pieces to delve the knight set? I have not seen a single one yet from t 4 surges and was starting to think they haven’t been implemented yet.

I have seen lemurian royal pieces on tamed T4 thralls. Usually, they wear only one piece of the set though. They also drop but the drop rate is very very low, you have better chances to capture thralls and tame them for the armor:


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Good to know! I didn’t even consider catching them for their armor. So used to exiles where they all have rags out of the wheel lol. Thank you.

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