Question about armor that doesn't have type trait(heavy/medium/light)

So there is a particular set of armor on Siptah that AFAIK you can only get by breaking specific thralls, and when they come off the wheel, their somewhat unique armor is usable/swappable and has surprisingly good stats… What it doesn’t have is the trait for armor type. Where most armors say heavy, medium or light, there is just nothing there.

Anyone know how the game handles this? The armor model is basically identical to a base game light armor, just a different name and color(and WAY higher armor rating).

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Do you know what the armor is called and the name of the thralls that have it?

yes, it’s the xxx_darfari_surge set, and it comes on South surge T3(Amazons - yellow) and T4(Yoggites - dark brown) dancers and bearers. Each piece has 100 armor, making a full set stronger than some epic heavy sets.

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Ok, well a name like “xxx_darfari_surge” tells me it’s probably not something you’re supposed to be able to get. It’s likely armor that only untamed NPCs are meant to have.

If this is the case, it’s a bug.

As far as your original question is concerned, NPCs operate by slightly different rules than the PC. So armor weight class is probably meaningless to them when it comes to what they are wearing.

Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about, and why I didn’t name the specific armor in my first post. Coupled with the ability to loot reasonable quantities of composite obsidian, the ability to get this armor actually makes doing the Focus Altar of the South really worthwhile, so I would rather not see it ‘fixed’ and locked to NPCs. Other Surge thralls(dancers mostly) do come off the wheel with interesting armor setups, so I suspect it was more something that wasn’t totally finished, rather than something that was intended to be locked to untamed NPC only.

As it is, the armor itself has really low durability, so it’s really only usable on thralls. It isn’t game breaking for PVP or anything, but it’s a nice option to have compared to the usual ‘meta’ armors, and looks sensible on any dancers you might want to take into combat. It’s also a challenge to get full sets of, since I’ve yet to find a thrall that comes off the wheel with all four pieces, and only the T4 dancers(Fleet-foot) even have the skirt.

Really, since armor weight impacts things like dodge and stamina regen, I’m just curious as to what the game does when the variable is left blank. Does it default to Light? Medium? Or does it cause problems that could result in a crash?

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