Best Strength Set for Thralls - Siptah

So I’m gearing up my Accursed Berserker and I’m trying to min max him right now. Currently he’s wearing:

  • Aspect of Wolf (heavy plating)
  • Voidforged Dragon Ribs (heavy plating)
  • Bracers of the Serpent (heavy plating)
  • Black Knight Tasset (heavy plating)
  • Frost Giant’s Boots (heavy plating)

Mainly, do I keep the Bracers of Serpent on him or give him some Heavy Gloves with a lower Strength value?

His armor value is 1,175.8

Without weapon buffs, potions or paint he’s at:

  • Strength 41 (+29)
  • Vitality 47 (+23)

This was from him getting Relentless, Born Warrior and Redeemed in his perks.

Remember armor is limiting in that the higher you get in value, the lower the impact it has on damage reduction. Try it on and look at yoru stats. If you see a 1% gain in damage reduction by going with heavy armor gauntlets (which I believe is the case for this but don’t quote me), is that worth the drop fo 7 strength points (assuming T4 armorer…+9 for the serpent bracers vs +2 for the heavy gauntlets). IMHO, the strength increase is far better in this than the exttra armor.

If you’re looking at absolute maximums, you might want to consider Redeemed Legion Chest piece - I crafted one the other day (with a t4 shieldwright - max armor armorer) - armor value was 406.6 (which is somewhere around the same level as dragon), but also got +4 bonus to strength, instead of +3. Dunno how much value an extra +1 strength has (not much) but it’s there, so … :slight_smile:

Oh yeah now with the transfers up and running across the board you can get the Wolf Helm and redeemed SL. SHIVERS…they mostly come out at night…mostly.

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You might consider fists of the drowned. Only medium armor but are plus 2 to all stats.

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Isn’t this not true with Thralls? I know in particular it is true with your character to reach the 80% damage mitigation threshold, but I thought higher armor on thralls was always “better”, influenced by the full Godbreaker meta set for PVP.

That doesn’t sound super worth it to me. IMO thralls main stats are usually just strength and vit. Sure a decent agility will help, but I don’t think it’s worth the sacrifice for a thrall.

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I’ve heard conflicting information on this.

How do I get the Redeemed armor in Siptah?

I already have the Black Knight set from delving Silent Legion Armor in the bench. How would I get Redeemed in Siptah?

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Learn it in EL and transfer over. I imagine there is going to be lots of characters transfered to Siptah now since you can control what you learn easier in EL and not by Siptah RNG method.

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Sorry, I’d forgotten to take account of the EL/Siptah differences. If I recall correctly, you may not be able to get the standard heavy Silent Legion recipe? (I think the tower only gave light and medium last time I checked.) If that’s correct then. like @erjoh says, server transfer may be the only way to get it. I should have remembered that point before making the suggestion. Apologies.

I’m honestly a little unfamiliar how to do this? Do I take all my inventory with me?

Not my area of expertise, I’m afraid - I’ve always just started a fresh game if I want to go to a new map. As far as I know, you can take a full inventory (but no followers). I do know you have to be careful what servers you transfer to if you want to come back -
official servers will only accept transfers from official servers, and, while you can go from PVP ‘down’ to PVE, you cannot go back ‘up’ PVE to PVP.

There are people on the forums who know a lot more about server transfers than I do - hopefully one of them can offer some guidance :slight_smile:

If you are solo…definitely. It will all decay if you don’t. There is a cooldown time period as well dependant on PVE or PVP so plan carefully. There may be an alternative method but I don’t want to encourage until I test it out. Just got the update today (PS person) so I should have more details after the weekend.

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