Darfari Bearer clothes

ok, not a bug (but it was the closest thing in the dropdown menu), but the name of the Darfari bearer clothes is still wrong.

just one of those things that probably got lost in the shuffle

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They are not only wrongly named but they also have extremely high armor value for what they are. I have reported it long ago but it is still a thing, I see.

P.S. It is also an issue with certain dancers.

yeah, I saw your post and thought about posting there, but its locked due to age. then I was gonna link it but got distracted lol

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whats wrong with the armor value? its powerful surge thrall.

It’s almost twice as much as an Epic Flawless light armor chestpiece. Its extremely poor durability makes it kinda less useful for your general-purpose adventuring, though.

As long as you can apply repair kits to that amor before it breaks, the low durability isn’t really a problem.

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