Armor Mesh Clipping: Darfari/Zamorian

Game mode: Online and Single player
Problem: Mesh bug/Misc
Region: NA, but almost certainly all

Okay, so I hope this is the right place to post this issue/question, but I couldn’t seem to find any specific replication of what I was looking for, so hopefully this isn’t a duplication of anything Funcom is already aware of.

Simply put, there are a few meshing issues I noticed with armor sets in the game. I’m not referring to clipping due to stuff that can’t be controlled for the most part (wind settings, cloth physic collision, overlapping armor pieces from different sets, etc.) Rather, these seem to be relatively small issues with armor pieces that would likely be quick fixes so long as they’re addressed/brought to light.

The pieces I’m focusing on here are the Zamorian Thief chest and the Darfari/Yoggite mask, skirt, and chest. Below is an Imgur album of the what I’m talking about: neutral pose clipping and some before/after movement clipping involved (where applicable).

So my question: I know there’s a lot to focus on apart from armor clipping, with the new thrall update, upcoming map, and overland meshing being in the spotlight right now, but can we get these issues still worked on? As I said, these issues are relatively small in nature and likely wouldn’t take any additional retooling or schedule shifting to fix, just a minuscule amount of touching up for them to be good to go. And I’d be more than happy to post more things like this that I find, assuming that the team is willing to work on them long-term.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip any given piece of armor here
  2. Adjust camera to view given mesh issue OR
  3. Sprint and observe mesh issue

Hi @Porksworth, thank you for reaching out, this is the appropriate section for all sorts of issues, including visual glitches.

Although minor issues like this one might not be prioritized, if we’re not aware of them there’s no chance they can be addressed, so it’s always best to report when in doubt.

We’ll take note of it for our team to look into.

Awesome, you guys are the best! Thanks for passing on the word!

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