Some More Issues

Here’s my third fun comic of complaints on Conan Exiles.

So happy to finally have obtained my Conan armor. So that’s good.
But every time I summon the Derketo avatar, her head is stuck facing to the right. Every time. Sometimes, it’ll happen to my player, and I have to exit the game to get it back to normal. So that’s bad.
Though I’m liking that merchants finally show up in Sepermeru, so that’s good.
But they each sell only one thing, and just sell from random street corners, and that’s bad.
More bad is the city doors and windows all turn into weird glowing pixilated messes at night.
And who’s this Gilzan guy? He talks like I met him in some quest where he betrays me Patches-style, but I never met the guy! If there’s unfinished quests like this, shouldn’t they have been in-game on launch day? Also,why are most NPC’s eyes spaced SO VERY far apart? It’s creepy.

I’m also STILL waiting for a warpaint fix. Get around to it, Funcom!

So that’s all for now, but I have plenty more issues saved for next time! :wink:

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How far in advance did you have to order to get that armor? I think I ordered in march but I don’t recall if there were any bonuses with that purchase.

Few months. As long as you had the game before release, microsoft should send you a code for it. Check your xbox messages.