Like it, but hate it!

I got to admit I do like Conan Exiles a lot! This is my first funcom game I’ve bought and it will be the last! the complete lack of polish on the xbox version is horrible. all the glitch’s, game breaking crash’s, stuff disappearing, falling through the map floor because it didn’t load yet, thrall’s disappearing or resetting in the wheel of pain’s, late playstation 2 like graphics. the list go’s on. come on just get it together funcom. I showed gamers at my work some video’s of what I’ve been doing on the game and they want to try it out I keep telling them don’t bother right now with all the glitch’s. one didn’t listen he bought it up, but then took it back two day’s later it kept crashing on him he said like 5 time’s with in a hour or so. now he’s telling everyone who game’s at work not to waste their money. BTW just posting to let funcom know of another dissatisfied customer, Reply if you want I Won’t be back to read it! GG

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