Xbox One Game Issues

Since the game’s full launch, I’ve had a number of issues I wanted to complain about for my Xbox One gameplay, and this is how I’d best go about doing so.

Preorder bonuses aren’t working, still can’t apply warpaint, city of Sepermeru has nothing in it, and I still can’t summon the Derketo Avatar! That’s just what I’ve found wrong so far.


I feel so identified xD …

Funcom please fix this and give us the armor to those who have booked (or had the early access)

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The armor bonus is from Microsofts end, I don’t have a link but it should be out for us soon… Everything else… Yeah still got bugs

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So Derketo is summinable just gotta do it the long way with thrall zeal and shrine. As an FYI

Understatment of the day.

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You’re right. Just managed to summon her the normal long way. When I did, for some reason, her head was stuck perpetually facing towards her right at all times. That was odd. And it bugged me.

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