Less lag from glowing torches, why dosent everyone use them?

There is no flicker effect from glowing torches, wall mounts are very dim, however standing glow torches are much brighter, the standing versions can be toggled between 2 light lvl settings…

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This would be good news. Is there any evidence that glowing torches generate less lag?

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well everyone doesn’t use them for a couple reasons. some people are looking to create lag deliberately, and those like myself, hate the glare radium and witchfire produce compared to the warm glow of the fire version. There’s also the heat/cold reasons.

Good observation. Other than performance, the best benefit to Radium Gems is that you can drop a limited subset of dyes into them for just the right level and color of light. Furthermore, If you can arrange them so they’re behind tapestries or curtains, the glow can be amazingly warm, and almost tactile.


I have been using the glowing goop torches learned at Dregs enough light just have to watch placement not to freeze your buns. Also the red lamps made at artisan table that hang on ceilings light well. Have used both and reduced lag over other types of lighting.

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I did not know you could dye them… mind blown


yeah, it takes just one bottle, even though you can put stacks in there. They don’t burn off, and it doesn’t intensify if you put more. And i think it is the base colotrs only, orange, blue, red, etc… no lights, dark, corrupted versions.

Side note, i wish they would make a couple of wells/pools that allowed you to die the water with the dark versions of the colors. Blood Red, Mossy Green, Black Tar is my main wish!!!

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orange would probably give a similar vibe to fire rather than that initial glare. awesome info.

I use the ceiling lights. Yellow/Orange glow.

You can also make a ‘false ceiling’ and the light will mostly come through.

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Are you guys all talking about the same thing? Glowing wall torch and glowing standing torch cannot be dyed. Additionally, they’re supposed to cool down their surroundings, although I’m not sure if they still do.

Radium torches, on the other hand, can be dyed by placing a single dye in their inventory. Not every dye will work. Also, undyed radium torches are hella bright – brighter than any other torch.

As far as I can tell with a naked eye, it looks like neither of these creates a particle effect, unlike normal torches.

There are aesthetic reasons for not wanting to use them exclusively, though. Plus, the light sources, in general, only add “lag” on the client. Abusing this is now punishable by the new rules.

Hope that sheds some light on this topic :stuck_out_tongue:


No, I believe that they’re discussing the dredger glowing torches and I was discussing the use of DLC brazier’s.

I think there’s just multiple different conversations going on in the same room.


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