Brighter wall torches

For the same material cost per unit, wall torches have ~1/3 the intensity of standing torches. Wall torches look better for interiors and take up no floor space, but they’re so dim that you need many more light emitters to achieve the same brightness. This can negatively affect client and server performance.

Braziers light extremely well. Couldn’t there be witchfire and radium braziers, for more visual variety?


On a similar point - couldn’t wall torches and lanterns be just a bit brighter/wider coverage? I had been led to believe that lanterns were less resource intensive than some of the other options (because no flame animation/no built in ‘inventory’), but using Radium torches (which do have an ‘inventory’) I need half as many to light the same area. So I have no idea which is the less resource intensive option…

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I was actually going to start a topic on this very vein myself.

I like to put staircases on certain cliffsides for accessibility and light them with glowing wall torches, but I have to use another torch every three stair pieces because they have such a small radius, whereas the standing torches cover a significantly greater area.

I think these pictures should make my case better than words:


I’ve noticed the same. I’m lighting a Frontier-style base on the Isle of Dusk with witchfire, which works best with the visuals. The standing torches in the courtyard give ~8 square of cover, but I need 1 torch per 2.5 tiles to get enough visibility to see where the doors are. I wish I could punch up the intensity with hanging braziers, so I wouldn’t have to rearrange them for floor space later.

i actually have to put yellow dye in the radium torches because without they are just too bright

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I would like an oil torch that can be worn on the waist even if it does not shine very brightly so that I can climb with a minimum of visibility.

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So long as if someone manages to hit it with an arrow, it sets fire to your trousers :laughing:

(But yeah, more seriously, something for basic visibility while climbing would be really nice - for the time being - if you use the ‘show sheathed weapons’ option the glowing weapons - Glimmermoon, Jedias Greatsaber, Forgelight - apparently work ok)


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