Light spilling through walls

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: North America
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Light from torches and braziers illuminate everything in their light radius regardless of building pieces and objects in their way.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Place a torch or brazier inside of a building
  2. Exit the building
  3. Behold the glowing building


You have figured out how to keep the rain out. Thank you so much for that. Please figure out how to keep the light in

Its better now than 2 or 3 years ago. One torch was enaugh for three floors and the whole base was visible like a Christmastree at night.

There is a mod you can enable dynamic shadows with, but my trusty RX580 dropped its frames from 50ish to 17-20 (FullHD, high settings). It was beautiful tho’.

My guess is high-end GPUs such as 3070 TI and above (AMD 6800 xt and above) can handle it at FullHD, high settings at 60FPS. But I’m 150% sure I won’t spend thousands of dollars just to have dynamic lights.

Let the light penetrate a little. But the gap between the walls and the floor, shining like the sun, is too much … :rage:

And enabling this will be like you mention, just behold what happens when it rains now with the dynamic wetness for rain. Low to mid end systems have a drastic FPS drop.

It seems like a bug because torches seem to work correctly, but braziers are what seem to have the problem. I know I said torches in the original post, but after playing last night the torches seem to work ok. I’ll have to do some actual testing tonight i guess.

I’m not asking for dynamic shadows or ray tracing here. Just stop illuminating the other side of 3d meshes. Why do the meshes stop most of the light? Why do torches seem to work fine, but not braziers?

I’m no expert, but it seems like a mesh/occlusion mapping problem to me

What kind of torches? If you are talking about wall torches, wall-mounted lights cast their light sideways instead of in all directions. They are actually functioning kind of like spot lights. This makes them not cast light to the other side of the wall, but at the cost of making them significantly less useful for lighting.

You can see the difference in this other topic about wall torches not being useful as light sources.


Ah well that explains that. Yes, I was referring to wall torches. I think the wall torches have their place. I use them mainly for outdoor lighting for stair wells and door frames. Their light radius seems appropriate and natural to me.

Hello, is it possible for you to provide some images and/or videos of your issue for us to better understand it?

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I’m not the OP, and they may have some better images to illustrate the issue - but these might help for a start -

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Ah yes, I see the problem, thank you. I’ll relay this info to our team.


Thank you so much!

@DanQuixote Exellent pics. They portray the problem clearly. Thank you


Whenever someone brings up the light-through-walls issue, I’m always afraid it’ll eventually get fixed, because I use that intentionally to decorate my bases and give them an unearthly glow. If the team decides to fix this, can they at least leave the radium torches as they are?

Some examples of the effect:


I’m on your side too - sort of. Regular fire, glowing goo and witchfire torches should not emit light through walls, but radium torches are special. As the name suggests, we could say it’s some kind of radioactive, so it can pass light through a couple of cms thick stone/brickwalls.
And because your las picture looks friggin’ amazing!


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