Radium wall torches light leakage

I’ve a 3 storey base(8x8 blocks), I put only 1 radium torch on the middle level on a pillar in the middle of the room and they light up every floor; going through walls and doors easily. I’m trying to keep a low profile as a solo player. Does anyone know of any lights that don’t leak?

On a serious note, as far as I know all lights leak through walls unfortunately. Radium torches are extremly bright, they iluminate a lot of rooms. Maybe try lanterns or torches. They also leak, but they don’t shine that far. You could also use different colours in your radium torches, something that’s darker. Or try to put out lamps when you leave or log out.

I found that brown dye in radium torch is fairly subdued, (or orange) but I don’t know if it will solve your issue though as all lights seem to leak.
Candles or the lantern seem to give the least light.
Maybe a double set of walls and offset doors between the light source and the outside might help.

Thanks, I went with wall lanterns. I’m just annoyed I farmed up 20 radium torches for nothing. But I’ll try the dye, that’s a great idea.

Does anyone know if workstations like the forge (when lit) shine through walls, doors, floors and ceilings?

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