Again: Light Sources, Light Bleeding, Light shines through wall

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE
Region: EU

As already mention several times, but never really addressed?
There have been several Topics opened, but nobody really seems to care a lot.
See following Topics:

Since the first day of playing the game it always bothered me, that the lightning is bugged. Only the wall torches seem to work normally. Why not using the same mechanic or engine for all light sources? Is anyone able to fix this via modding?

It seems, this issue is not bothering many people and Funcom seems to have other priorities.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build a room with no door or window
  2. Place a Standing Torch
  3. See the light where no light should be

For the love of Crom, please don’t change that. I know it bothers you, but there are so many builds – bot mine and other people’s – whose aesthetics depend on that particular trick. There’s currently no other way to produce eery, mystical glow.

At least, if they decide to change it, please let us have a lighting placeable that allows us to use that effect intentionally.

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I see, I don’t want you to lose anything you like. I think Funcom should be part of the community and do what is best for the community to keep at least both possibilities in place. Building a huge building, a house, with smaller rooms, like something more natural - there is almost no light source that does behave realistic. I think it is very ugly at night. It destroys every bit of immersion and atmosphere.
Only the bracketed Torch does give a near realistic feeling of light and shadow, even if I think their radius is a bit small. Unfortunately this exists already for three years and has never been addressed. I would also be satisfied with something like a mod or being able to modify via server settings.

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I seriously hate the light bleed… if you light up a room below and you want to ad light in the room above it is already way to bright. Malkes lighning rooms not very satisfieing.

Some kind of raytracing effect would have been great but I think a bit unrealistic :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Like some arcane magic on god forgotten island with prehistoric animals and vaults of elder races are something verrry realistical…

I just now watching conan movie, and there is also that stuff, they ignited light , and room next is also brighted, its because walls and such is maked from not sealed resources so light goes tru :smiley:
That is if i understood u right about light bleed

Yeah, not even the Bracketed Torch seems to work, it only has the illusion because its radius is quite short. It also shines through walls in front of it, but seems not to shine through the wall it is attached to.

I ment a unrealistic technical request haha
For a game like Conan with so many shadow casting building/place able pieces it is probably unrealistic, even for our hardware to run such effect :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and what is even more annoying is that the small braziers give a way to much light compared to the bigger brazier.

The big brazier seems to be right in brightness terms but the smaller one gives way way too much light.

Try to place 2 small braziers next to your throne and you’re lit af lol

I currently only use big braziers and mostly torches since the other light sources bleed too much through walls or give way too much light.

I’m glad they fixed the light on the fireplace in last update, gee it was so bright it lighten up a room of 10x10 on its own.

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Almost forgot about that one :slight_smile:

Currently, it is just a sad, because it is hard for me to make it unseen. I log in, getting a bit annoyed and tend to log off again. :frowning:

I for one love the glow especially when i’m hunting that solo player who keeps raiding offline but sneaking around the map. The glow is like a beacon that says “put jars here…here…and…here”


Maybe for PVP mode they can toggle it because tbh those glows really make bases harder to camo into the terrain at times. Espec the alchemy bowls etc.

It’s not Funcom’s fault. The typical graphic card does not use ray-tracing. Its an equation with normal tests. Ray-tracing is expensive on those old cores, so it hasn’t been implemented until now.

If Funcom enables ray-tracing for CE, expect everybody to play with the lights and shadows. The new graphic cards give single bounce rays. (When the market is full of single bounce cards, you’ll know they will increase the number of rays with more bounces.)

I can be done.
However most vanilla light sources need to be patched by hand, as they “cast shadows” is disabled on them.
Also, as far as I know the Unreal Engine that is used, does not reflect light, so those ceiling braziers cast a large black shadow, as the light source is above the bowl.

see for an example.


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This looks amazing, shadow opacity should be a little adjusted though
But doesn’t this kill performance when there like 20 light sources in a base?

I don’t mind playing 30 fps lower though if its a setting.

That is amazing.

Does anyone know how to test, enable, install, what mod this is?

looks very nice, but what’s the performance hit?
Maybe the reason they don’t add this is because it’s easy to abuse.


It will probably be in the form of a setting like: lights casting shadows or something (enable/disable)

Another thing is, that the daylight also lightens up the interior of a cave. For example the “The Crevice” caves interior is bright as f**k at noon and dark at night.

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Isn’t there in UE4 the possibility to enable casting shadows for light sources? Do you think it will cost too much performance?
Does anyone know where to get this?