Light bleeding?

Does this happen to anyone else? Like light from inside your house seeping through the walls to light up outside a bit? For example I have a basement I made with ceiling pieces but when I’m inside at night the light sources outside the basement seep in. I want it to be dark so it can have its own light sources but at this point it is not necessary. Light bleeding should only happen if you have windows.
Is there a way someone has found to prevent this? Building ‘‘double walls’’ /ceilings maybe?

Hi @Alhambra, could you share a couple of screenshots that depict the situation you’re describing?

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All the time. It’s a feature I use in my builds – several of them have hidden light sources for special lighting effects. For example, my arena has radium torches beneath the floor that can be manipulated to make different sides of arena have different colors for competing teams.

I would be really sad if they removed this :frowning:

Perhaps, if they remove it, they could leave it on for some of the more “mystical” light sources, like witchfire and radium?


@Hugo I am having problems on PS4 getting screenshots and videos on here. How in heck can I get this done? I have no pc, just a tablet.

@CodeMage Well no, I don’t want it removed; the effects are indeed cool and can be useful. What I am asking is how can I prevent them if I don’t want them.


One way of accessing the screenshots through your tablet would be to upload them through your PS4 to a the playstation messages app, facebok or twitter, then downloading them and uploading them here or sharing a link to them.

Does having a second layer of building pieces (walls, foundations or ceilings) not prevent the bleeding effect?


I will attempt the screen shot uploading through my tablet. Sony has been annoying with disbanding itself from FaceBook, this is how I did it before. Meanwhile I am indeed making a new base with doubled layers of walls and ceilings to see if that works.

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