LF 2-3 Chill and Experienced People to Join Our Clan (Official PvP)

We are on a highly populated Official PvP server, lots of very good players, avg is probably about 1500-2000 hours on the game for most of the guys on the server. We are looking for a couple of cool people to join us, we are all in our late 20’s-30’s and laid-back so we prefer the same maturity.

About our clan:
We are BIG PvPers and Raiders, but we don’t raid low levels
Generally on sporadically throughout the day and all evening until late night.
We use discord for voice
Have been playing together for a few years so we are a pretty drama-free and solid group.

Reply here with your discord tag or some other way to contact you and we can chat!

I am interested in joining you guys. Discord name is Ice Cold#1550

I’d like to join, discord is brad2thebone86#1964

Awesome description I think I would fit it, Im over 20, studying but also on vacation rn so I have a lot of free time, Im from central EU, GMT +1h, and would call myself polite and mature
(I think I never had argument with anyone on teamspeak/discord).

Im realy new to Conan although I got tons of experience in many difrent games like Rust - over 600 hours, CS - also over 600 hours, Arma 2 & 3, pubg and so on. I would also say that Im a fast learner.

Here is my discord: Werterror#5693

1900+ hrs plus here Kelts#2159

Looking for active clan

Blackmood#4627 - Been playing since the Alpha, want a good group to join, every clan I go to I do all the work and building and get no one to talk to and feel like it’s not a team thing, looking to change that, your post really hit home for me, hope to hear from you guys soon!


If you are still recruiting I am looking to move to a new server with an active clan. Was on another server where myself and 2 friends became the alpha tribe and accidentally killed the entire server population when we took out our largest rival’s so called “un-raidable base” I’m 29 and work full time, usually online around 7pm EST and later.