As the title says I am 30 I have a mic I am team player and PVPer first builder 2nd.
I am looking for a server that has an average of 15 playera up to 70.
I am willing to help recruit if the server admin is cool. I am ok with PVE times etc

Mods are the most important thing to me especially emberlight and other popular mods

You’ve got lost, running around in the desert after Conan freed you, and now you have no idea where to go?
Hunger and thirst plaques you, and you have to run constantly to avoid getting killed by those frightening crocodiles?
The sandstorm surprised you and now you’re hiding in a cave full of spiders?

Hear me. The Exiled Lands are a dangerous place when you’re alone. Everything and everybody wants to see you ripped down, only for their own survival. So, join us, the mighty »Einherjer« Clan! We’ve got water, food, weapons&armor and even a bed for you. Take place in probably the safest shelter of the whole realm! Help us become the biggest Clan and become the new kings of the Exiled Lands!

We’re playing on a Private server, where already about 16 other people are playing. There is a Server-discord, we’re holding weekly PVP events in a colloseum, and so on, and so on! Really nice server, and my personal goal is, to become the biggest clan of the server! So message me, if you are interested!