Cry Havoc (NA/PC)

Looking for a great community and friendly server where you can slaughter your friends and build cool stuff? Look no further!

We’ve existed in one form or another off and on since early access. After a fairly long break, we’re back in the Exiled Lands.

The server has been up a few days and is now open to the public. We love making new frenemies so please check us out.

Join our Discord server for rules and settings:
Direct connect info: IP:

30 slots (will increase as needed)
Max clan size 5
Thrall/pet limit 20 +5 per clan member
Avatars are off
Event log is visible by everyone
Offline raid protection is on
No raid timer limits other than offline raid protection
No mods to avoid unnecessary downtime

Come get ready for 3.0!

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Best server ever! You want a fun RP/PVP server then look no further. Admin is active. Towns and villages are thriving. Danger lurks in all the corners of the exiles lands. Its up to you to be a hero or a dirty little bark thief. <3 Enjoy

Awesome server. always fun to play and hang and chat

With the next patch arriving any day now, it’s a perfect time to join us! Our community has already crafted many publicly accessible maprooms at most of the obelisks. Come carve out a piece of the Exiled Lands with us.

We’ve had several new exiles join us, and we’d love to grow a bit more. If you like normal settings without the impending doom of Avatars, come play with us.

Best server I’ve found! Love everyone I have met so far and love the RP.