Cry Havoc! RP/PVP x2 No Avatars

Server Name: Cry Havoc! RP/PVP x2 No Avatars
Direct connect:


Age Restrictions: We adhere to the MSRP rating of M

Location of Server: NA

Max capacity of server: 30

Discord (or other) Server:

We are an open server

Server Settings
XP rate: x2
Gathering Rate: x2
Day/Night Ratio: standard
Hunger/Thirst settings: standard
Drop Equipment on Death: yes
God Avatars Enabled: no
Containers Ignore Ownership: yes
The Purge Activated: yes

*No raid time restrictions. Thralls shouldn’t ignore you when you walk into their domain and you shouldn’t be safe, ever, in the wasteland!
*Event log doesn’t show player names (not even admins can see). If you don’t get caught, you should be able to get away with it. Also leads to amazing rp opportunities!
*no purge time restrictions

Peak Play Times: We have activity around the clock, but our highest numbers are in the evenings.

Does the Server use Mods? no

Is there an application to join the server? no

Server Lore: In keeping with the game lore.

Server Ruleset:

  1. Cry Havoc! is an RP /PVP server. Please keep character and clan names rp friendly. If you aren’t sure if your name is ok, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CROM ASK SOMEONE HERE OR INGAME. I’ll inform you nicely if it needs to be changed, but that will require a recreation of your character and you will have lost all your effort to that point. If this is something that you are fighting, This is not the server for you. Global chat is OOC (out of character). Local should remain IC (in character). Clan chat is left to the discretion of the clan. No one will make you rp if you don’t want to, just be respectful of ongoing RP if you happen across it in the world.

  2. Please help keep the server running smoothly by avoiding unnecessary building and thrall clutter. We won’t impose a hard limit on this unless we have to.

  3. This is very much an unrestricted PVP server (with the exception of avatars being disabled). Steal, raid, murder to your heart’s content, but beware! Players will likely band together to visit vengeance on anyone running rampant. Actions can (and should!) have consequences.

  4. In game conflicts are to be resolved via in game methods! RP and PVP your grievances! The admin exists for server maintenance. There will be zero admin intervention in conflicts or due to game crashes or bugs. In game admin actions will be limited to maintenance issues, rules violations and dealing with exploiters.

  5. Don’t be an ■■■■■■■. You can rp an ■■■■■■■ (and PLEASE DO! I love a good antagonist!) but be cool in global and discord. Toxic players will be invited to seek exile elsewhere. Raiding and murdering is not toxic! If you feel someone is griefing you, find allies! There are plenty of folks here that love helping the underdog.

  6. And lastly, possibly the most important rule, If you aren’t having fun here, find a server that better suits your play style. Having everything taken from you is going to happen at some point here more than likely. If you don’t find enjoyment in getting revenge and defending what’s yours, then don’t put yourself through it! We love having more players to fight and ally with, but I don’t want anyone to waste their time. I mean that sincerely.

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Looking for more players, come join today!

We’ve had a great start to our community. Plenty of room for new exiles! Come join us.

So far so good. Fun people, good settings, good rules!

It’s been a week since we opened the doors and we’re developing a nice group of regulars. Everyone is digging in and establishing themselves. Come grab your spot before the next big update!

We’re creeping up on 3 weeks since we opened the doors and things are going very well! Sparks are beginning to fly as people begin testing boundaries. Come join us!

Beginning our 4th week live, population is booming and battle lines are being drawn. Our server isn’t for the faint of heart, but there seems to no lack of folks wantin some 24 hour danger. Come check us out.

New update today! Come join in the slaughterfest if RP/PVP is your thing! Bear in mind, we’re pvp around the clock, so if you need a safe place, we probably aren’t the server for you! If you’ve got balls of steel, come carve out a piece of the exiled lands!

A fine server, but definitely not RP-oriented. Emphasis seems to be on empowering groups that offline raid intentionally repeatedly. If you’re looking for that playstyle you could do a lot worse, but if you’re looking for a typical RP environment you won’t find it here.

We do have groups who aren’t traditional 9 to 5, and 24/7 pvp is definitely not for everyone! That’s one reason our rules have always been up front about it. (see rule number 3.) Our global chat is OOC, and RP occurs locally, so it’s easy to say RP isn’t happening if you aren’t involved in it :wink: I certainly agree that we aren’t the heavy rules enforced RP type of server, as those rules often stifle RP more than encourage organic interaction. Bandits and rogues don’t have to serve you with papers prior to murdering or looting here. Thanks for the bump, and I hope you’ve found a server more suitable to your play style!

Updated to 40 slots. More ram. More room. More room to ram.

One of the clans is hosting a tournament tonight, will be a fun weekend! Hope to see more players join!

We’ve picked up a few new players this weekend already and still have room for more. Come check us out.

The recent update and free weekend has sent our population to new heights. Tons of new faces and a solid core of regulars. Come join us if you have the stomach for it! One of our clans is holding a tournament this weekend. Come level up and show us how to fight :wink:

We have another clan hosted tournament this coming saturday. Plenty of time to level up and get your scrap on! This particular tournament is 2v2 with armor and weapons provided by the host, which you get to keep.

Not really a good server, they will offline raid you intentionally. There are a few big clans who are all working together and they will come up with lies to just raid you. They will never allow you to progress because they will see you as a threat from the start. If you call out their lies they will all gang up on you and wipe your base. This was one of the worst servers you can join. If you’re looking for that play style of running away and never have a chance to level up, then join this server. Also, look at Battle Metrics and you can tell something funny is going on in this server. Look at the people’s play time and then look at the size of their bases. :innocent:



It’s definitely not for everyone! Around-the-clock activity and high population on a pvp server… Anyway, glad you’ve moved on to something more fitting your play style. Good luck! And yes! I encourage anyone scoping out a new server to check out battlemetrics. It’s an excellent tool to gauge how active a server is. EDIT: Also, Thanks for the post bump!

Our latest clan hosted tournament went very well and there were lots of great matches. Looks like something we’ll be seeing every week. Come join us.

Absolutely fantastic server. Official-like rates without the exploiting nonsense of official servers. Definitely worth your time!

Always looking to add to our community. All levels of rppvp experience welcome!