Cry Havoc! RP/PVP x2 No Avatars

We are doing a x3 harvesting/experience weekend, beginning now and running until Monday morning! Come carve out a piece.

Full pvp 24/7, always be aware of your surroundings. Normal gathering/xp rate for full satisfaction when you reach your goal. Global chat to be yourself and local chat to be whom ever you like. 2x restarts a day so npcs can reset and stay somewhat sane. Very few rules so that you actually have a chance of remembering/existing.

I need nothing more then above, feel free to step by if you feel like this is something for you.


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Couple more days at x3, then we’re back to x2. Great time to get established before the next testlive build hits live!

With the new update on testlive, it’s a great time to come get established and level before the new content drops. Come join us.

Cool new stuff with the recent update. The server is in a relatively peaceful state at the moment. Good time to come grab some land.

Having a great time on this server room for more if you’re looking for a place with a great community look no further!

Active Admin, fair rules, lots a haunch! What more could you want? Perfect server!

Fun server. Plenty of room for fresh players to join