Library Shelves are bare...Sometimes

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3890

Bug Description:

The new library is nice, but the books are temperamental. They might be there when you go back to your base, but if you literally spin the camera in a circle, or leave the room, they’re gone.

Also, the thrall does not hold position at the stand after server resets. They go back to whatever emote they were in prior to be placed at the stand.

Bug Reproduction:

I have spoken with three other players on our server with the same experience. Just play.


I have the same problem with the bookshelves. It’s the Siptah trees all over again.

As for the thrall, mine has no emote and stays in the lectern all the time.

I turned the emote off, and she was just dancing the last time I looked.

Oh god, the books are separate things from the shelves. Just more processing power getting consumed.

Also on ps5 with the same issue. Sometimes the books are missing from the first time placing the shelves. Other times the books are there but will later disappear. The lecturn also seems to have an oversized collision box. It can’t be placed very close to anything.

I like how there’s one book no one wants to read… must be a book on Windows 3.1


No, it’s Kanye’s autobiography.

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Womp womp… I have not read Ye… and never will…

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Yeah, same here. It’s so nice to look at empty shelves. Once again money wasted, seeing how Funcom doesn’t do anything to fix the build sets i’m not holding my breath on this one either.

The lone book I was able to place when the books were there remains. If I had placed a small statue that would have been nice.

Yes I have no books either,more money wasted on faulty bazzar purchases. They need to up their game as this is becoming the norm taking customers for granted and selling faulty products

It’s called a bug. A Bug Report is how we say, “Hey, there’s an issue on Playstation.” I have seen no reports for PC or Xbox.

I have asked for a while if we could get Beta testing for console, but Sony has to pass the games through their Yay verily, thy game is approved process. So, we find the problems for repair. My books are there when I walk in the room the first time, so I’ll just have some patience and know it will be addressed.

If all you wish to do is complain and throw out garbage accusations, take it elsewhere.

Who are you to tell me what to do? If I buy something I expect it to work , it is not good enough to keep selling items that are bugged in the bazzar ,these items should be checked before they are put on sale to the consumer, and if you bothered looking I actually posted the bug report yesterday.


Yes, I saw you posted the report. And if you bothered to read the full post, from last week, you’d know that this appears to be a Sony problem, since neither the PC or Xbox has commented on it yet.

So, is it Funcom’s issue, or is it the manner in which Playstation processors work? I freeze up after I go back to my main base after a while out playing. That problem is entirely a Sony issue.

As for who I am, I am the one who politely informed the team that this is an issue over a week ago. You are the one who made assumptions about who is at fault about an item from the bazaar, while simultaneously assuming it will not be addressed because some unnamed previous problem you apparently had hasn’t been corrected.

Of course, you weren’t the intended recipient of my previous post, but you must have thought you had been called out for whining. I am glad I could oblige you this time.

Xbox here. I haven’t had it happen in my build but a neighbor has entire bookshelves empty. She’s close to that cave with the followers of Asura

It seems you have a grrandiose sense of self-importance , that you have the right to personally insult people.No matter , as for whose at fault Sony or Funcom I paid Funcom for the item that does not work as advertised, therfore it is Funcom who needs to address this problem and are the ones at fault.If a company feels a product will not work correctly on a certain platform the said item should not be sold.As you said ,glad to oblige.

Is there a report for it on Xbox? I looked, but I might have missed it in the Xbox section.

Yes there is @Nethermore posted the bug report hope it helps.

I posted a bug report for unrelated issues. At the time I didn’t see any bugs for disappearing books

Excellent. The more information we can provide, the easier it is to figure out the problem. Although this morning, I watched the books appear as the placeables were rendering in right after log in. I think it could be a server load issue. I will have to test it on single player and on the private server.