Limit on Followers Will Kill the Game

I dont know about other clans but all the clans on my server on their members have their own bases with their own loot in. Some clans choose to share bases but I quite like having my own base and having my own loot. It allows me the creative freedom to build how I want and defend the way I want.
Not to mention 100 thralls for a whole clan is just to little. Especially with big clans like mine for example.

This game is all about surviving and expanding. Especially in full pvp. PVE isn’t gonna take such a direct hit as you cant raid but pvp I can basically see being dead. For people who have played the game for a long time, the main thing that has kept us play it is building new bases and expanding them or our current ones and increasing their defences. A good amount of the sever I’m on cant see themselves playing the game anymore after the update goes live.

Theres also the risk of losing all our loot in one raid as all players would have to move into one base together or would have to have 2 bases with defences split or more smaller bases with defences split even thinner making it harder to keep hold of loot which is probably going to infuriate alot of people.

What I’m trying to get at is the cap on thralls is probably gonna kill the game. At least for me and the people on my server. If not I can see a building cap coming in the future that will definitely kill it. I havent actually experienced any lag with thralls either and their is quite a few bases on my server that have tons of them and I have a potato of a computer. If you were to continue with a cap which I would still say isn’t the best idea, then I would suggest 150-200 follower cap per player instead.

Idk I’ve only just heard the news today about the cap and instantly had bad thoughts about it, same with the rest of my server and can just see myself giving up on the game a couple weeks after the updates release. We will see. I’d just prefer the cap not to go ahead

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