Discord : Living Worlds - Conan Exiles
A LONG TERM server for players who want a place to play with few restrictions.
We have about 8 mods including AoC, Pippi, EEWA, Immersive Armors, Northern Timber, Sand and Stone, SnowStormX, Better Thralls, Fashionist and Kerozards Paragon Leveling. Our goal is to provide a server where players can come to play with little interreference from the moderators…have fun, fight, build explore!
LIVING WORLDS PvP (raiding currently turned off)
RP encourage but definitely not required.
2x Experience / 2x Gathering
Construction rules are fairly flexible.
PVP all time No Raid
Location: USA
Max clan size: 4
Max level: 300
Building Decay-Timer: Turned off for now.
Building Piece-Limit: Be reasonable.
Thrall Limit: 25/person
Daily Restart: 5:00AM/PM CST

  1. Clan Size limit is 4
  2. Building Piece limit is unlimited per clan (this may be adjusted in time). Please be reasonable, no spaming unnecessary builing pieces. Clans allowed one main base and one other small base for farming/thralls.
  3. No Obelisk or Maproom camping although pvp is not restricted….dont be a douche
  4. Do not block Boss/Recipe spawns
  5. (If we add raiding) Raid alliances are not allowed. Clans may only raid and defend with their own members.
  6. (If we add rading) Building during a raid is not allowed, you may repair but not build.
  7. Please change your discord nickname to match your in-game name or you may not receive proper communication in the event of a rule break. Rules will be enforced regardless. Thank you! (edited)
    [4:24 PM]
    Admins will do our best to be hands off…nothing worse than demanding/over-bearing admins. Dont troll or be a problem and you will barely know we are here.