Loading custom map


I dowwnloaded on worshop a work in progress custom map (Hy-Brasil-Map, I use this map for test because it’s out after Siptah update) , to try the new system to load maps.

2 problems:

  • The map does not appear if I don’t activate the mod.
  • If I activate the mod, Map appear…But Exiles lands, disappear…

Also, if mod is activate, I can’t play on official isle of siptah server without restart game without mod…

It is a normal work for new loading system map ?

Maybe separate map mods and functionalities mods, in order to not having to restart if we play on customs maps if we want connect toservers will be a good thing for QOL.

And why custom map erase exiles map ?

Err… I want to say “of course not”. Or am I not understanding why it should appear without the mod?

Yeah that sounds odd.

I haven’t used mods in basically forever, so excuse my ignorance, but isn’t a restart always required to activate/deactivate mods? Or did they change that?

No, but I thought map mod, with multimap feature, will not have this promblem anymore.

I think it’s a better way, if a custom map dont’a appear in mod selection but just in map selection…

those are all good questions… but why post them here? you’d probably get better answers from mod author

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