LocalConfig.XML corruption

A friend has had their PC crash while loading the game.
It now says "LocalConfig.xml file is missing.

I read @Aeryl say that you can keep a copy of that xml file to replace it with.

they do not have another copy of the xml file and they don’t want to have to wait for a reinstall

can i give them a copy of my xml file or will that not work?

<Config> <Self> <ConfigKey>Universe/Client/</ConfigKey> </Self> <Universe> <Client> <ClientFileName>SecretWorldLegends.exe</ClientFileName> <ClientFileNameDX11>SecretWorldLegendsDX11.exe</ClientFileNameDX11> <HttpPatchFolder>SWLLive</HttpPatchFolder> <HttpSteamPatchFolder>SWLLiveSteam</HttpSteamPatchFolder> <HttpPatchAddr>http://update.secretworld.com/tswupm</HttpPatchAddr> <ControlHttpPatchAddr>ControlHttpPatchAddr.secretworld.com/tswupm</ControlHttpPatchAddr> <HTTPMaxConnections>5</HTTPMaxConnections> <UniverseAddr>um.live.secretworldlegends.com:7000</UniverseAddr> <PatchVersion>xea42a1a6d505d9de1a91beb9e29baf10</PatchVersion> </Client> </Universe> </Config>

Ignore the Steam bit. It says Steam even if you’re not using the Steam client. No idea why.


So does that mean i can just put on a flashdrive my xml file and he use it to replace with?

Yeah. Just replace it with any current copy of the file. The old account page even used to have a download link for it.

Or just have your friend paste the bits above into the empty file. That should work.


Ah, i thought that one on the account page was for TSW only, since the TSW launcher needed it to stop it reverting to SWL upon launch of the client (or something like that)

Anyway, thank you :smiley:

Correct. Funcom messed things up a good deal when they made TSW clients patch to SWL. Don’t use that file from TSW if you want to patch SWL.

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can comfirm this “Copy and replace” using my xml file has worked and saved a MASSIVE headache.


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