Location of all trophies inside the Elder Vaults

Here you have a link to a list of videos with all the locations of the trophies, statues, insignias and feats of weapons and armor of all the Elder Vaults. Greetings.

I want to thank the user GodlyVoice for his post on the Funcom forums where he uploaded screenshots with the location of all statues and trophies. Even with this great help, in some cases it was difficult for me to find the trophies. Thank you very much friend! You can see Funcom’s post here:

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Ola patanegra
By any chance, did you also include all chests that may contain eldarium? I noticed some of them are really hard to find

Hi Halk, I have always thought that the eldarium in the chests was random. I have seen chests with eldarium and without it, and I sincerely hope so, I love the uncertainty of not knowing what I can find by opening a chest. Anyway, there are already many guides on YouTube of the Vaults, I simply wanted to indicate the location of each trophy and statue because I have seen that this information is difficult to find.

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