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So this might be a noob question?

On the Isle of Siptah, if there are 14 vaults, how come you can only craft 9 Insignias, statues, and trophies?
Or am I missing something?


Because there is overlap in the NPCs contained in the vaults. Two spider vaults, two lizard vaults, two wolf vaults etc.

On that note, I was not able to locate a trophy for either the Wolf-Men or Wolf-Brothers (8 total) are they missing, or am I just not looking in the right place?

Do they even drop a specific item like the other? Cause that what the other trophy require to make, till now I only seen them dropping normal animal part.


Yeah, I remember when I did the wolf vaults it seemed they didn’t drop anything to make a trophy out of. Pretty sure there was a statue and an insignia, but I don’t remember ever figuring out a trophy for them.

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Well, when you chop or skin them they give you a claw that could be used in that way, but you’re right, nothing like a head. Still, the trophy recipe location eludes me, if there is one.


When Siptah went out of early access , the addition of villages , vault weapons receipes , vault isignias and trophies , the testlive patch had wolf eyes ( that would let you unlock glowing red eyes for your character ) , but apparently it was causing some issues , and was removed for the release , and is still not “fixed” apparently :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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Okay, that is good to know. So there is definitely no wolf trophy to be found (yet). Thank you. :+1:

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