Thoughts on Siptah

Here are my thoughts after a few dozen hours of playing the DLC.

Love the concept of the vault armors as they are rewards for completing vaults. Added bonus being able to combine them with other vault armors since the full armor bonus comes from 2 or 3 pieces only. Would like to see armor cosmetic fusion to synergize with this since having different unique armors tend to be rather of an eyesore (i.e. Wolf Vault armor + Serpentes Vault armor).

The Elder Vaults themselves, though, need some spice. Getting through them once to get the vault recipes is the only and best reward for completing them, but unfortunately recipes are just so limited that they are just repeats in other vaults. The only reason to even run through (yes, I mean RUN THROUGH because I don’t even waste time with the mobs) the Vaults is to get large quantities of Decaying Eldarium from the end chest.

Legendary weapons are also lackluster when compared to these new vault weapons as well. What made them so enticing in the Exiled Lands was that they had unique effects, better than average stats, or just some other effect that set them apart from the norm. These new vault weapons, however, bests most, if not all, the legendary weapons because 1) they are crafted items that can receive T4 buffs from artisan thralls, and 2) they have the ability to stack effects in addition to the normal weapon effect (I.e. Sunder and Bleed with the Battle Axe of the Outer Dark).

Also noticed some strange things up in the Northeastern part of the island. The enemies seem to either: have the wrong stat block or are just wrong. The ogres (or oni, whatever they are) are about as scary as crocodiles… and they’re thrall fodder for level 1-10 so that’s saying something. And the world boss brown bear? Incredibly healthy, incredibly cuddly (attacks barely amount to a tickle when hit).

Oh, and breathing potions… any point in them? There’s no hostile aquatic enemies and the Vault of the Fishmen have enough air pockets peppered around drowning only happens if intentional.

Anyways, that’s all for now. There’s always bugs and other stuff that needs fixing so hopefully next patch comes soon.

Take a skinner, decent amount 9f hide off 9f mobs. plus some drop elderium as well.

9f hide/mobs? Not really sure what you mean, but resources are quite easy to obtain in Spitah. Reloaded my old cloud save in Exiled Lands and saw I didn’t even have star metal gear, just straight legendary.

I was saying the vaults are a great 2 for 1. Eldarium and lots of hide

Oh I see, haha. But honestly, best hide farm comes from humans so Vaults are only Decaying Eldarium farms for me. And yes, specifically Decaying Eldarium because I just found an enemy that drops Scraps. Currently just exploiting the broken respawn system to just farm tons and tons of Scraps. 1 Scrap = 5 Eldarium bars. What the heck is this lol.

What is broken with the respawn system or you mean that you can respawn the enemies at will in SP?

best hide is not from humans. Actually, unless it changed, the reptile had a better hide to bark ratio. But I haven’t verified that in some time. it was slightly better than wolf/bat/feline. something like 6 to 1 v 5 to 1 for others. So for tar and eldarium, that is usually the vault I run. Plus all the reptile weapons I can scrap out for iron bars.

Yes the latter. Platform is PS4 and all I have to do it is run out of range so the world starts reloading the area then enemies are also respawned. It’s an old trick and how people get T4 thralls easily even in Exiled Lands. Also not playing on online servers so maybe that’s why?

I see where you’re coming from but the step AND time required to convert reptile hides into regular leather hides already invalidates the argument for me. Why waste the additional time converting them when you can get just as much without the intermediate step? Unless I have been doing it wrong and wasting time converting them?

What intermediate step. Just toss reptile hide into tanner with bark. Splitting does not gain more tar. Unless I missed an update to that?

The only hide you split is bear, rhino, elephant, as they give more thick leather to tar than straight tanning them.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then yeah you might be out of date because you CAN convert reptile hide into leather hide, and happens in at a Tanner’s Table rather than at the actual Tannery itself. If you don’t know the terms “Garrison” and “Campaign,” then you’re basing your knowledge prior to the Economy patch. Or maybe it’s because I’m mixing the game terms because I’m using two different items as one. I’m saying you can convert them into “hides” and not into “leather.” Perhaps that clears up the confusion?

how many hides do you getvthough? 3 right. It takes 3 hides for 1 tar…1 reptile for 1 tar. Unless I am missing something. The new tannery only exchanged bark for plantvfiber…but I never used it.l so may be wrong.

Yeah the new Tanner’s Bench is the station you use to convert animal hides into regular hides and thick hides, and make advanced armor materials like hardened leather, layered silk, layered fur, and all that jazz for crafting epic gear.

I know that. But again, asking hiw many hides do you get when you split wolf/bat/reptile. It is still 3 correct? If so, the splitting is a waste in general.

Actually wiki has it as 2 reptile for 3 hides, meaning you are losing tar.


Tar is kind of a dumpster trash item. I have more than I know what to do with.

Clearly you dont have enough bombs.

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For pve, at some point all mats are just excess. For PVP raid, can never have enough tar and brimstone. never.

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