Vaults: what have changed?

I checked every vault yesterday. They gained armor and weapon recipes, some placeables, but the rewards from the chests remain the same making the Vaults grindy activity again. And repeated runs didn’t change at all: same reward, same enemies. Speaking of which, I didn’t notice any changes in enemy types or difficulty, it still can be soloed (well, not the damned white birds maybe)

The main change is an extreme aggro: it is funny when you meet the boss somewhere exactly at the entrance button, you kill him, then enter the boss room and the epic music starts playing…

Maybe I didn’t notice something? Has anything changed?

yeah i noticed the same thing, and even less Eld as well in some… i thought they was suppose to lighten up the grind for eld but to me it seems they made it more grindy to get it…

Same. Except for insignia & statue scattered inside vault, and recipes at chest room, nothing else seems to changed. Pretty disappoints. Anyway, did anyone find where to obtain the new vault boss trophies? (decoration that makes use of new boss drops)

Cut the boss with any tool, you’ll get it

I will get recipe? dont think so.

you talking about the statues you can discover recipes for and make at Artisans bench? They are found in random places within the vault. If you are talking about the Sigils, you earn those just by completing the vault. The Emblems you discover those at the vault entrance and craft at the Artisans bench.

The craftable items have a bug. You can only get access to them if you learn the recipe and do not die or log out before getting to the Artisans bench. Once you log out or die, they can’t be accessed, even though you have learned them.

Nope. I’m talking about this:

edit… hmm. I see the statues to the left, so now I am not sure.

Edit again: So I loaded up my game and see that I have 2 of them and yes, they were discovered within the vaults: Screenshot by Lightshot

so it’s also something you find withing vaults? alright, will keep looking lol.

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I have only done the two spider vaults a couple of times and haven’t seen any recipes, insignias etc. Everything is exactly the same as before including difficulty except thr mad agro where they rush to you before you even enter the room.

Edit I: I found two small recipe pedestals on either side of the inside entrance to the big chest.

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yes but it’s a bit smaller than the rest ( if you harvest the ennemies within the vault you’ll get an idea of the thing you are looking for ( it’s on the ground in each vault ) a feather for a feather , a hand for a hand ect…

Also after playing them on live , the vaults did get an up in their level ( but not always as you think it would be ) for instance the spider vault ( north one ) got some additional spiders that spray the pink mist ( that can hurt pretty much ) where before this vault didn’t contain any … and yes I would want to see anyone solo the Harpy vault " easily " , I did it solo , but I died once , since effectively they seem to " wander " more inside the vaults and aggro much easier " through walls " meaning that if you are a level above or the wall next to another threat , and the path is open ( no door blocking ect… ) than you can be sure anything near it will come aggro you , and since white Harpies special attack depletes stamina , have 2 of them on you , and you’re in trouble if your thrall is fighting already 2 or 3 others :sweat_smile:

Yeah tell me about it. In last days i did almost all vaults, then yesterday i tried harpy… that was hell. Died 4 times, almost lost T4 max lvl bearer and horse xD I had like 8 harpies fighting me at once lol.

The feat for trophies is in the vaults. Look for monster parts on the floor.
@CajunFire - you get around 70-100 eldarium per vault now. It’s 5 times more than before the update. No idea where you get your data, but it’s less grindy.
spider trophy image for reference

Eldarium in the final chest(check the quantity):

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Looks like the normal quantity I got before. Your 43 + around 10 for the boss, 53. Plus if you’re lucky another 10 to 40 from chests. I seem to find a little more often in chests these days that’s all I can say. Pre patch I was getting between 51 and 92 with an average of around 65.

“pre-patch i was getting 9000 eldarium per mob”… right.

I’d feel embarrassed too if I had only been getting 14-20 a run pre-patch.

Insignia is usually on the floor in the first room. Recipes are in the last room on pedistals

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Mhm , @dmw33 is correct , pre and post patch present roughly the same quantities of eldarium per vaults. with some variation of course due to RNG on the chests scattered and the 1 eldarium on mobs , but usually you end up with the same amount , maybe a few more , but it’s not significant to be really noticed !

I just posted a picture where the amount of eldarium is 43. The final chest never droped that much pre-patch.

yes it did , always near 50 , do you play on officials ?

put the video at 6.41