Elder vaults make them more expansive

If you get to the end of a vault collect your loot and move on but maybe an option do you wish to delve into the vault further for bigger rewards lore etc?

No thank you. I like the vaults as they are now.

But if Funcom wants to add larger ‘full on’ dungeons as new content – I got no problem with that.


They can make the end the way it is but make another option if you want to go deeper to add into storyline etc more eldarium loot etc. You can either leave or go on

Yes and the undead town plus some more plases plus ther “new land” coment.

Hmm was wondering what the tower was a portal to a new place?

Tbh dungeons are n’t exciting… I really hope they’re gonna rework this.
It is n’t feeling like a dungeon now… it feels more like a underground building with some mobs and final loot.

Rush run run, kill boss, loot… rinse and repeat…
Apart form the climbing one and the water one. And those are not so exciting as well.

Lol – that’s funny. I would say the opposite. I love all of them EXCEPT the climbing ones and the water ones. Heh, to each their own, eh?

:slight_smile: true

Hate the climbing one, love the water ones simply because there are built in agro breaks. Only one I hate is the spider vault with the slows.

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