Additional End Game Loops

What do you think the chances are that we have still not seen some big end game loops? Right now we have Vaults yield Eldarium then Maelstrom yields ??? which combine to accesss\ leyshrine surges to yield T4 crafting thralls/fighting thralls which together then let you reinforce and start the loop stronger i.e. Eldarium Weapons, easier ??? collection…or let you PvP stronger. Is it possible there are some bigger systems to be addes so that you can use that Flawless Epic gear for something else? Does some greater Evil lurk inside the tower? Thoughts? Hopes? Expectations?


Here is hoping! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

After getting t4 thralls and farming the maelstrom and vaults, it gets pretty boring. Most of the Eldarium weapons aren’t that much better than legendary weapons. You can repair them, but need to farm more vaults… or get lucky and get a t4 blacksmith from a surge that can craft legendary repair kits.

One thing in the Exile Lands that is a constant is the Purges. Getting thralls and gear and building up defenses against a Purge attack.

Maybe if the wild surge thralls didn’t just stand there, but instead ran around looking for player basses to attack? That would spice things up a bit.


At least IMO I’m not fond of the idea of putting this expansion of an already released game back into early access, especially since they have been putting out big updates prior, but I hope they can wrap it up much quicker than the original EA period and actually get the things they want into the game unlike last time.

I no longer play on PvP since the addition of the Battle Standard since I prefer arena combat than base raiding, so this is purely from a PvE perspective.

I’d like to see them increase the difficulty of the vaults and also increase the rewards. As of right now the gameplay loop just isn’t fun because every vault you can just sprint through to the end ignoring all the enemies until you get to the final boss which are jokes of a 3-skull with limited attacks and die in 20 seconds. After they added the Wine Cellar dungeon a while back on the EL I was hyped because this was a final boss with actual mechanics and stuff you had to watch out for which was cool, but all the vault bosses are just the basic crappy old style of boss with basic attacks and zero mechanics.

Would love to see them revisit combat and enemy AI/collisions again in order to make the game’s core mechanic which is combat and melee, much improved and have a lot more skill involved. As of right now combat can be fun but there are still a lot of issues such as attacks hitting you despite being nowhere near the range or area, dodging either getting hit through the I-frame or not actually rolling anywhere makes the ability to “play perfectly” not really feasible. Though I’m not sure if this is even able to be done as at least from my POV this would be the #1 issue I’d want to solve but it just hasn’t been talked about.

As for Siptah’s gameplay loop I don’t really like it that much. I’ve always said that thralls are supposed to be part of your tools to get to and accomplish end game activities, not BE the end game activity, especially with this degree of RNG but my vision seems to be different than the dev team’s so I’ll just not speak about the thrall part. What I would like to see is less rando void being one shotting T3 pieces so its actually worthwhile to build during the maelstrom. Would also love to see eventually the Tower become some sort of dungeon that is better than anything they’ve done prior. At least IMO the Tower should be the focal point of the gameplay so if its lackluster I think that’s going to be the biggest disappointment of the expansion.

As for the delving bench, again I dislike what they’ve done here. There is already an average bit of RNG on boss loot tables but now we have the biggest grind mechanic to date for gear and I’m not a fan at all. I’d rather have hard to accomplish content that gives comparable rewards than faceroll boring grind content for a RNG chance at random weapon scrolls that also require the same material you’ve been grinding to make. Its just not fun.

As for the map I hope they do add more density to the areas and such and improve the events because its just a boring barren grindfest of a map right now and I hope they can pull it together as Conan has been one of my favorite games even with its flaws, but honestly with some of the things they are capable of I feel like they are falling short of what they could make of this IP and game. Maybe its the engine stuff or whatever so if they ever make a CE2 with an updated engine allowing for better combat and all that good stuff to a high level I’ll be right there ready to buy.


With the next updates we’ll be able to fight the god Yog which will spawn up in the sky. Upon defeat, it will drop 1 item. You’ll need 1000 to start an event the entire server will attend for a 1% chance at something cool you’ll probably never get. End game loop goals right there.

Oh wait…sounds familiar.


Hah, yeah. Siptah is too grindy of a map for me but I’m sticking to it and playing the EL at the same time hoping the updates do some good but I’m skeptical. It’s not really a map built for solo players like myself, but even larger groups its still a grind that’s just not fun. Its a tough balance to strike but honestly it would be easier to balance if they had better AI and collisions. If one player can play perfectly and rely on a good system that doesn’t have BS in it like enemy NPC’s not respecting the same rules of combat as players or dodge not being buggy and not getting stuck in collisions the game would be in a much better place.

The only reason you need thralls or multiple players in a lot of cases is because you will likely just die because the game bugged out rather than you messed up. I can count on one hand the amount of times I died where it didn’t feel like I was cheated by the game’s poor combat.

Love the game but man, it could be something amazing if not for these issues.

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