Disappointed with no new content for returning players

The New thrall camp update is neat but it sucks that there is nothing of value in any of it. The new named Accursed fighters have lower +hp, +armor, and +melee dmg. Have yet to see anything at all that is actually worth getting and leveling. All my T4 surge fighters are way better than any camp thrall.

How are the vaults now level 60? I have soloed all of them, ez as pie just as before. The enemies dont have more life or do more dmg, all they do is wander around. Are we ever going to get any content that is difficult? There isn’t much reason for an old player to play this update at all, run the vaults once (they are not level 60 repeatables like Funcom said, they have the same BS loot like before and only 7 new recipe sets, ie no point to run both harpy vaults). I could simply run a vault now at level 30, with an old Vanir T3 fighter.

These updates really need to be harder and with new content for your old players, the old players are what keep the game going. I’m saddened that there is no new thralls that are even comparable to our old ones.

Please please please make the new land you folks are adding actually hard and not for the weak of heart. We want strong thralls we want to enslave and fights we have to worry about us and our thralls dying. Anyone please add your thought!!! I’d love to hear what others think and help push Funcom to get us what we would most like.


The new vault weapons and armor are neat though*

there alot of exploring things you can do … they added quite alot to do now … though i do miss the malestorm it gave the place a hostile feeling but now its a bit too safe

eh i think the difficulty of the vaults are just fine tbh. I wish there was some enhanced combat rework so you know when to dodge or hold up your shield because sometimes you can’t tell if a creature will attack when you’re hitting it in a combo. Like the werewolves of the werewolf vault. But i know some people like yourself feel the game is to easy

I felt similarly about the vaults, but the named camp thralls and especially the Accursed Beserkers aka: Cimmerian Beserkers are stronger than any surge obtained variants that I’m aware of.

Nope, they are much weaker overall. The new camp thralls when you level them get worse stats. An Aesir Berkzerker with 65 str sits about +48% melee damage, but an Orvar the Accursed or Accursed berzerker with 55 str only has +21% melee damage. You seem the same with the HP and armor. 20 agility on a new camp thrall isnt even +200 armor now. Its like the camp thralls are a stepping stone to do surges

What’s their MDM stat?

If you don’t know what the hell I am talking about, then you are woefully under informed on the topic.

it is different for the named, beast-tamer and zerkers/dal, but roughly the same as the aesir get. So with the lower bonuses they are garbage. Ive played a bit, so very informed thank you. Even testing 2 players taking them on a t4 surge, the new thralls are garbage compared to the t4 surge ones we have had all along.

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I’m not really sure how someone in 2021 comes back to conan and says there’s no content for returning players. Let them polish the damn game instead of pushing them to keep putting out more and more stuff - the 2.3 update fixes a LOT of the complaints 99% of the people who played had with it, that’s a huge improvement, along with fixing a number of undermesh locations, t posing, and a promise of horse nerfs.

The vast majority of people have been asking them to slow down on the content and focus on polish, for the first time they’re actually doing it - please just let them do that. The new land is coming, new content is coming, just be patient.


With a peak player count of 13k players in 30 day window…Even if they fixed every bug and broken mechanic, sold 2 DLC’s at 50 dollars apiece…that’s 1,300,000 dollars (assuming that everyone buys the DLC) and given the fact that they haven’t sold any DLC’s for a long time, unless they manage to keep the players they have and gain more seems like they are kinda screwed. So I agree wholeheartedly, furiously fix the game with the energy of the energizer bunny and pull this thing outa the ditch…YOU CAN DO IT!!

My main point was why add new content that is simple, and thralls that are worse than the others you could already get. It didn’t make much sense. There was a lot of talk of the vaults too but no real change besides things wander.

@Ceronesthes I definitely agree with ya on the please polish the game before adding more, or do it consecutively. Most bugs in Conan that are not fixed in a week or two just stay forever and get ignored, like vault chests.

Melee damage multiplier is 1.768 for all named camp-obtained T4 Fighters I’ve come across.

Accursed Beserkers it’s 2.2

Aesir warriors it’s 1.56.

I took a look at the Strength melee damage bonus for two of similar stats and it is indeed significantly higher for the Aesir Warrior regardless of their lower mdm.

No new content yeah right pc has been getting content for months now if anybody should be mad about content it’s console players Xbox can’t even get a update that works last time Xbox got any content it was the last build dlc that dropped in September of 2021 paid dlc content.

Yea and playing with both the Aesir seems far better. We were using 2 level 20’s with similar stats and the same gear/weapons to test it. Well tested Aesir zerker, Orvar the Accursed, and Accursed zerker.

This was discussed somewhat in this thread

However I don’t think anyone agreed there’s an answer.

It kinda makes sense in the long run for Siptah though, you can get a fighter from camps but it’s not gonna be the endgame OP, those will be surge ones which the camp ones are good enough that you could take them for the t4 surges

Because it is EZ.

I mean most games literally copy paste entire games into a new game with a shiny paint job and called it #2.

I’m fairly sure the T4 camp thralls are slower to level up as well. I had been collecting and levelling a few which I always do at either of the Spider vaults because they give the best XP, but could only get them to level 6-7 with one run. Yesterday I went back to leveling Aesir and J’ball warriors again and got them from level 0 to 10 in the same vault as usual.

Tottaly agree. I play ona private server with one friend, and to make it chalenging and fun we agreed to do the vaults without any thralls and decreased the dmg we do to 0.4 and increased the dmg of npc to 1.4. If we took t4 thralls with us i am not sure how absurd those mutilpliers would have to be.

The point is we are lucky to play on private server and we can play with settings and make up some artifical rules, poeple playing on official PVE i would presume would get very fast bored and left the game. I know i would.

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