Large Chest at the end of Vaults empty

I have run through 4 Vaults now that were available. Only to get to the end and the large chests are empty. As many other players have stated Eldarium is the lifeblood of this map. It sucks to go through the trouble of killing all the enemies and the boss for maybe 20 decayed total and no reward at the end, since all the basic chests have crap in them. I really don’t need off stacks of bone meal or orange phykos cuttings.


Happens to us sometimes too. Seems like they dont respawn fast enough.

I think someone at FunCom forgot to put treasure in the chests.

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Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to the team so they can look into it.


The Final Boss chest being empty is a major problem. The whole reason to run thru the Vault is for this chest and for it to be bugged and be empty makes all that time doing it…worthless.


id like to add that event the lendary vault chest the one that require a key is also missing too from the vault as well … i play on private server but the thing is even i know that dev kit has no access to this stuff to provent it.

Same on the private server I play on. Vault resets except for the last chest. It seems to me it would make the most sense for the entire Vault to reset at the same time, not just parts of it. I hope this is fixed soon. Chests for keys are also missing in them or are those simply random spawns?


Yeah, happened today at the Bat-Demon vault. First time I’ve seen this bug.

The chests are random spawns, but I think the number of chest is always the same. Kind of overkill RNG, as most are not that hidden or hard to find. As well, the path to each chest is the same, kill and loot. So moving the spawn makes no sense.

The Legendary is a RNG to spawn in one of the locations from what i can tell.

When it comes to vaults, i feel the ability to sprint to the boss disrespects the efforts the artists and programs efforts. All rooms should be tied to the spawns. Kill them all then you can open the next door. What we have now is level 60’s power farming the end chests (about 50-60% of the decaying eldarium in the vault) and killing vaults off for the hour cool down for the entire server. One should have to commit to the dungeon to get to the end reward of the eldarium. And with the loot chests and hide, it would not be without its own rewards. Right now it is a fighter build, sprint to end and kill bosses.

2nd thing is the normal spawns in the boss room are waaaaay to easy to kite and pick off to make the boss fight 1v1. And the bosses are not very threatening once you hit level 45, and use bleed + poison + plus run in circles.


I think I just found the culprit.



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