Vault chest at end empty

Its pointless to do vaults for decayed eldarium if the chest at the end bugs out and is empty. please fix this

I believe the vault last chest bug happens when you enter a vault and while you are in the vault the maelstrom begins. That’s the only time we’ve seen it happen while on our private server.

no , it happens when the previous visitor does not clean the whole chest. its a known bug.

Skrzynia respi sie dłużej niż Boosy i dlatego tak jest

I don’t know about the previous visitor bug, that may also be true.
On our private server - there are no previous visitors. It happens only when you are in the vault and the maelstrom begins.

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It happens all the time, also i guess someone said that vault and chest are on different timers. I estimate of getting 30-50% empty chests in vaults on a populated server and a lot of people complain about it. Sadly, i asked in the dev stream about that, but it got ignored

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Yeah I see it in chat all the time.

Clearly moving drops to the boss must be easier…

The current gm has no idea what he’s doing. It’s really that simple

In single player this seems to be related to whether the Maelstrom starts while you are in the vault. At least it looks like it does. Same for boss not spawning. The North Fiend Vault also still spawns double MOBS in a lots of places inside the vault. A lot.

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