Vaults are still messed up

Server 1609 NA PVE
Just ran 2 vaults in a row and both of the chests were empty at the end. This was suppose to have been fixed in the last patch but clearly has not been. Problem arises when a player runs the vault but doesn’t clear the chest at the end. Then when the next player runs the vault the chest is not reset. Hopefully this is fixed soon as it is extremely annoying

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I noticed this as well, and the server I’m on larger clans seem to be doing this on purpose. I hope this gets resolved as it currently sits players can sandbag a entire server by limiting a already random chance.

This is one of the reasons I stopped doing the vaults… empty chests… it saddens me this is still not fixed!

you see, it’s rocket science for devs to reset end chest on boss kill.

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