Tired of running vaults and the final box being empty

Why is it that a vault resets but the box at the end is still empty.

Endlessly running vaults for QOL recipes like bestial pots, kilns and master weapon fittings only for the final box to be empty.

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It’s early access, I can confirm its a bug

Also the chest that can be opened with skeleton keys does not pop back once it’s used the first time (the ones in the dungeon)


early access ? just kidding, this is a known Bug who exist almost since 3 Years, beside some other old Bugs. I was thinking that Funcom use the Chance and bring with IoS a ‘‘new’’ Conan who is clear from old Bugs and Gamemechanics who are not working as indeed but im disapointed to see that Funcom is not able or interested to eliminate these basicly.

For me, about 50% of Vaultruns are ended up in empty buged endchests.

I don’t think this is the same “bug”. If I have to guess, the vaults don’t refresh the chests when they unlock. Maybe they are on different cooldowns which causes them to be out of sync which shouldn’t be the case.

On EL the cd of the bosses was 15 min and the chests 30 min. I believe the chests’ refresh times are now longer but maybe they are too long now or there is something else going on with them. We ran into some issues with it on beta as well but I thought this was fixed (maybe I am wrong).

If its a bug it needs to be fixed asap.

If its a design decision and they have carried over the same ratio from the exiled lands, its a poor design decision.

I was under the impression that the vaults were reset when the maelstrom resets.
Whether thats the case or not, the entire instance should reset off the same timer once the vault is cleared.

vaults are bugged, try using fiery food or ice inside and see what happens
I don’t know it is anyhow related to chests but things simply freeze as stop working upon entering

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