Vault chests still not resetting

Seems vault chests are still bugged and sometimes when you finish the vault they are empty/broken. This has been around a long time and would be amazing to get fixed. Nothing like working hard in a vault, having the boss body fly off the map, then an empty chest to top it off.

The chests at the end are on a completely different reset time than the vault itself. Yea, it sucks, and I hope funcom changes this. But for what it’s worth, if you know when a particular vault was last farmed, wait 2 hours and you should be good. Not practical for everyone, but it is a thing.

Yea it should be a super easy fix, they likely did it the way they did so people just dont sit on the chest for an hour

Having played around with this in single player, I noticed the timer does not start until you exit the vault.

Even before the patch, the timer for the chest was longer than the vault reset, just like the legendary chests in Exiled Lands. There, the boss will respawn in about 15 minutes and most chests in around 20 minutes.

My suspicion is that this is intended.

Having said that, the chest should refill somewhere around 2 hours later, whether it was fully or partially emptied.



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