Big chests at end of Vaults are still broken Update 2.2

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6058 PVE (Isle of Siptah)
No mods

Big chests at end of Vaults are still broken Update 2.2

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Complete the Vaults
  2. get what you need in the last chest
  3. Will return in two hours, after passing the Vault, in you will be upset that the chest is empty

Checked repeatedly since patch 2.2


I only did 2 Vaults since 2.2 :frowning: , Snake and Wolf, both West side . Snake vault had the Last chest empty.

I will do tonight some more, i’ll Update.

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Back with the Update.

Well i wish i Had good news, unfortunately is not the case. I used this Weekend primarily for vault grinding, both private Server and single player.
Had a Session of 8 hours in each.

Single player, not 1 SINGLE empty chest. On the private Server i Have seenbugged/empty chests in all the vaults. I have done all vaults on West side+ wolf/snake/goblin on east.

I have on private server a reset time of 75 Minutes for the vaults. I only found empty/bugged chests in the vaults that i have entered right After the Doors went blue(active). If i waited like 15-30 Minutes After the vault went active then i would always find a working chest at the end of it.

Maybe that the “catch up” system is desynced somehow when it comes to vaults?


Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve sent a re-test request to QA to see if we can spot the issue.

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Updated, the problem is not fixed and as for me it is a very critical error for this DLS. 129 days have passed since the release of the DLS, the eldarium and the recipes are very important obtained in these chests, and the chests are empty

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