Are we happy with Siptah vault recipe RNG?

I really enjoy the vaults on Siptah. One major issue we have is the double RNG for recipes in the cache at the end of the vault.

Given the fact that there are many recipes that can be obtained, the RNG on whether a recipe will drop or not is overkill. It would be plenty enough grind to defeat the RNG monster to obtain the recipe you actually want without the added randomness of obtaining a recipe at all.

Would it be too much of an ask to guarantee the recipe drops and keep the RNG at a singular level?


Vaults are a grindfest in general. There’s so little eldarium coming from them that you need to run them multiple times, even if you don’t feel like…


No, I am not happy. You need to be lucky to roll a recipe and then you have 1/41 chance to roll what you need.


Are those recipes different from the menagerie? I’m a bit lost

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They are. The recipes in the Vaults are ones that come from the various NPC’s/Tablets on Exiled Lands (eg. Midnight Alchemist), as well as the Archives.


Yes, those are 1/20ish to get what you want and you always get a recipe with the fragment. They are different than the vault ones. The vault ones are basically the old library scrolls + important scrolls such as grandmaster armorsmith/weaponsmith


Indeed. That 1/41 is RNG enough.


Actually, midnight alchemist is not even part of that table.

These are the extra recipes other than the EL library ones:

You can get midnight alchemist from the recipe fragments where the chance is 1/200 :rofl: But with server transfers coming, Funcom have stated that they want to keep the maps somewhat different.

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I would like to see Funcom, at least, add an algorithm to prioritize recipes the character has not learned over recipes the character has already learned until the list is completed (then it can RNG all it wants).


Different is fantastic, and I’m all for it. Relative improbability is not as fantastic. A 1/200 chance and a 1/41 chance multiplied by the chance of an actual recipe drop is not exactly exciting.


Lol, that’s why I keep throwing fragments at tee tower and still don’t have the weaponsmithy thing… good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

Btw guys: 1 out of 20 recipes only equates 1/20 chance if they all have same probability of showing. Looking at my scroll collection, and the one from my neighbours, this is certainly not the case!!!

What about the recipes I find on NPCs or made up from schematics fragments? Those are the same like the vault ones, right?

Those can give you pretty much any recipe available on the map except for maybe the tower ones since they are newly added, basically you can get something as useless as relic hunter banners or something rare like midnight alchemist or any of the delving recipes. There are 200 recipes in that table.

I have not found this specific table in the DevKit but judging by the rest I have seen, I doubt that some recipes are set to be common than others.

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There has to be a frequency multiplier. I have 20 silent legion light armor by now, and when i ask people on my server, they all have the same recipes and are looking for the same recipes.

I remember when library started in exiles land, we all got dozens of gravediggers… this sounds very familiar :slight_smile:

The time/reward isn’t worth it to me and would have to be significantly improved for me to want to run them to try to farm recipes.

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Here’s a rant. I gave up trying to find Grandmaster Armorer after my 500th vault. I’m just super pissed with this ridiculous system. I was hoping I could pop over to EL, get the recipe and come back to IoS. Ran lots of statues at the pools for over 30 recipes and kept getting delvable weapons. They should not be in the pool imo.

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I’ve got the grandmaster armorer actually.
The weird part is I can’t remember where I got it from :frowning:
Still running after the grandmaster weaponsmith… didn’t know that vaults were the place to go though

I have hundreds of different weapon sorts. Don’t even know what is crafted and what is looted or even what they’re supposed to do anymore. It’s just too many of them coming from too many sources. Maybe that’s an intended strategy for removing metagaming by making it impossibly confusing?

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A little RNG isn’t that bad in my opinion, at least online that is…
You can always ask people on the server if they trade sell or help you with the recipes.

When there is no RNG the chances of getting in contact with other players is far less in my experience. Because you can do everything solo.

But I’m seeing this maybe too positive.

I’ve found three of those. It really makes me wonder if different vaults have different pools because I ran Demonic spider vaults 80% of the time for the added benefit of high XP levelling thralls.(there’s no way in hell I’d do that many vaults otherwise) so it helped keep me going, but I seemed to get a lot of the same stuff like merchant signs, so I think I’d better try different vaults in case.

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