Giving duplicates recipe another use

Well since there is schematic fragment, it would be nice to be able to dismantle the spare recipes to get it. That way it would at least lessen the frustration of the getting recipes a person already learned.


Wholehearted support. This would provide the ‘duplicate recipe protection’ that players are calling out for, without having to dismantle the rng element to acquiring them that funcom seems to like. If duplicate recipes could be dismantled into schematic fragments, then the Library of Esoteric Artifacts and the Tower of Siptah both become much more reasonable propositions to many players.


Totally agree. To gain only one little schematic fragment from dismantling a recipe would be so great.


Im glad you went for it @BrutusWhitefang. This will help increase its visibility, and we could only hope that the folks at Funcom notice it too. There has been so many posts expressing frustration with the RNG in the game, and frankly, this is hands down the best solution I have seen offered up to date. Certainly better than just dropping duplicate recipes on the ground all the time. I 100% support this suggestion. :+1:


This bugs me! No offense, but fragments add up and once you have five, you get a random (potentially duplicate) recipe. Even the RNG on Siptah has it’s own RNG. Seriously, we need to get rid of dupes altogether! First layer of RNG is whether or not a recipe will spawn (this is fine). Second layer is which recipe the player gets from the pool of (possibly hundreds of) recipes (also fine), but including dupes here is nonsense.

When the game spawns a recipe, it needs to make a simple quarry of which recipes the player (who opens the chest) knows and exclude those from the pool. There will still be plenty of RNG to excite the player when he gets what he wants. Once the player has all the recipes in a given pool, the recipes simply no longer spawn for them. All of the items in the chest can still pre-spawn before it’s opened (to prevent lag or an ‘empty’ looking chest), with the exception of the recipe (if there is a recipe).

I’m sorry but recycling fragments is a half measure that (IMO) doesn’t fix the problem.

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None taken, I figured it would be easier work on the dismanlting bench sides than code a program that check a whether a player have that recipe. Beside spending fragment in siptah there are recipe come from mob, surge, and storm boss.


I get it, there is no way to determine who will pick up this recipe. The check can can still be made against the player that got the kill, and potential dupes in this one area isn’t the end of the world. However, eliminating duplicate recipes from fragments and chests is a HUGE step in the right direction.

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This is going to be unpopular, but it’s based on something I noticed about my own play experience on Siptah. I’m not sure it’s necessarily a good thing to trim the rng of recipes too far in this game. I loved the introduction of the Vault armors and weapons, and I loved that they were a guaranteed hit (unless you failed to find them). But what I noticed when I played it was that, after I’d done each of the vaults once, I felt a significant reduction in impetus to actually go back and do any of them again - I didn’t really need to, because I’d already had the reward that mattered to me. (Obviously, I still needed to farm some eldarium, but that just meant go to whichever vault is most convenient, no real ‘desire’ to go there.)

I have always hated the excessive rng, particularly around recipes. And the duplicate problem has always seemed to me the worst of it. But if there are 23 recipes at the tower, how hard would it be for someone to gather 23 fragments and gather all the recipes in one go? And, I suspect they might find that feeling surprisingly hollow.

That’s all a part of why I like BrutusWhitefang’s idea so much, precisely because it is a more gentle step that doesn’t solve the problem in one fell swoop. I just suspect that solving this all in one go may actually be less positive than we expect. I think there needs to be something else (something better - though I have no idea what that would be) ready to fill the gap that is left by removing the rng - much as we hate it, it is a part of what fuels us and keeps us going (like a bunch of sick addicts :rofl: ).


Yea I feel you, since I gotten same recipe from vault chest when they only have a chance of spawning in the first place :sweat_smile:

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I would agree with this. I’ll preface this by saying I played in EA extensively and while the RNG can still be frustrating, it is far more friendly now. Vaults open much quicker, and you’ve got the option of farming schematic fragments which adds to the replayability with the pool figurines.

I do support the ability to recycle schematics/scrolls/recipes but I also know there are.considerations that have to be examined. Should it be all recipes? Why do I ask? For one it’s very easy to stockpile fragments of power, I don’t seek these out and still have several hundred just sitting in a box. You also get a fair number of recipes that drop during surges of all levels. Maybe that makes it too easy to farm schematic fragments, maybe it’s just the right amount of alleviation. Who knows, but I definitely agree there are better options than simply tossing them out.


I agree with this whole heartedly, leaving duplicate recipes in the equation for Esoteric Library adds the perfect amount of RNG due to drops being guaranteed and the pool being so small. Perhaps just vaults and schematic fragments need their duplicates removed, as their pool is enormous.

An even better approach would be to divide the recipe pools at each vault, so roughly 15-20 recipes per vault. With drops not guaranteed and duplicates still possible, this would still be a grind but would make it possible to target specific vaults for the recipe you want. All vaults would remain relevant (instead of just the ‘closest’ for eldarium), alleviating this:


THIS is a brilliant idea. Finally a reason to visit some vaults you didn’t peek in for months.

On top of this I’d like to be able to dismantle recipes, with a chance of getting a schematic fragment or just a piece of paper. Maybe with a 30/70 possibility. It would feel a bit like being an archeologist. Not every project can be preserved :wink:

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Yes to make books and other decorations thing whit them, or a colector book to arange them and se whats missing.

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I like it

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Support for this idea too

Let us burn duplicate recipes as high end fuel :fire:


NOOOO . it’s fine as it is currently . because it forces you to give the recipe to someone who doesn’t have IT. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, thanks for resurrecting this suggestion from last year, even though I have just a minor disagreement with you: namely, Single-Players. Currently, I have a pile of duplicate recipes in my cupboards, and nothing to do with them. No-one to give them to.

Heck, if I could just sell them to Valeria like I can sell scout reports, it would be something. But, since collecting recipe fragments on Siptah is such a bother, transforming duplicate recipes into 1/5 of a new recipe (which would still have a chance to be a duplicate) wouldn’t be such a bad idea.