Suggestion: using duplicate schematics to avoid further duplicates

The delving bench is one of the most infuriating examples of RNG gating on Siptah. You need to spend 20 eldarium bars, i.e. 40 decaying eldarium, i.e. half of what you get from a vault whose final chest isn’t bugged, to get one chance to pull the slot machine lever and see if you’ll get a recipe you want.

On average, it seems to give you a recipe every 2-3 tries. There is absolutely no way to influence which schematics you’ll get for a given item type and the schematics you’ve already unlocked don’t affect the outcome.

As a result, if you’re trying to get a specific recipe, you’ll end up with many duplicates.

My suggestion: allow us to put the duplicates, along with the item and the eldarium bars, into the delving bench, and have the bench potentially consume them too (as long as they’re of the same type as the item). They wouldn’t affect the chance of getting a schematic. If you don’t get a schematic, they’re not consumed. If you do get a schematic, they’re consumed and affect which one you would get – none of the schematics that you put into the bench would be eligible.

For example, let’s say you’re aiming for the Scepter of Unclean, and you already have the duplicate schematics for the Bonebreaker Mace and Gravebane. You put in 20 eldarium bars, a star metal mace, and those two schematics. If the delving bench decides to give you no recipe, you get a broken star metal mace and those schematics back. If the delving bench decides that you win a recipe this time, you get a broken star metal mace, and a new recipe that is guaranteed not to be the Bonebreaker Mace or Gravebane. And, of course, those schematics are gone.

It’s still grindy, it’s still a slot machine, but at least it doesn’t make you want to flip the table…


RNG gating on Siptah is so frustrating. I love the new map, love the content, really really dislike the RNG its just beyond grindy, makes you want to go and play Fallout 76 that is how bad it feels every time I go to look for a special weapons , how many hundred times will I need to farm this to get one thing I would use. I have given up with the delving bench, waste of eldarium, to be honest waste of my time to farm eldarium to over and over and over watch it just be gone and I get nothing for all my work.

To be honest this idea of how to get special armors and weapons is total waste of my time in game to grind for ore to put in a bench to watch it just be gone, IMO worst way ever to put special things in game.


I like your idea @CodeMage, very reasonable. I would also like to see some of the future content not stuck behind the delving bench but instead as a recipe behind a tough boss like the Arena champion or the Judge. I found myself missing the EL way of obtaining a recipe after a nice dungeon or a tough battle.

I do however like the delving bench idea but I would like a little more variety in obtaining some recipes or legendaries.

If cheesing is of concern with the fighting of tough foe before the reward recipe, I would lock the tablet/stone till the death of the guardian (Thinking of Undead dragon in the sinkhole guarding Dragon Bone recipes).Thus prohibiting such behavior with just running past the fight and getting the reward.

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It wouldn’t be so bad if the game were less stingy with eldarium. Like, if a hardened steel bar and a piece of decayed eldarium smelted to a single eldarium ingot that would help.

But yeah, the fundamental problem is still that they’re gating everything behind rng to extend game play time in lieu of content.


I like the RNG, as it makes a economy, but i do get what your saying.

What I do is when I get duplicates I sell them to other players for eldarium. They get what they want, and I recoup my lost Eldarium.

Personally I’d like it to remember how many times you’ve done a item type, and increase your chance per attempt so you have less failures.


Completely agree! To me it is worse than grinding for fragments/recipes from the Archives in UC.
For the record, I don’t mind grind but I’m considering this (and the grind for summoning a surge) close to an insult as a player and a waste of my time.

I don’t know how a solo player would be able to do it, atleast I have clan members farming too.


And I’ve already said that there is WAY NOT ENOUGH Eldarium even in single play (if you do not restart your game often to reset Vault). You need Eldarium for Delving Bench, you need Eldarium for crafting, you need Eldarium for summoned Surges (yes, very many Decaying Eldarium for knock-out machines or single player will not be able to knock out Thralls and kill those mini-bosses on the platforms at the same time if you-re not cheesing them like Firespark81 does :wink:). I’m afraid to think about shortage of Eldarium even on middle-populated servers.


I’ve already said that there is WAY NOT ENOUGH Eldarium even in single play

I had a suggestion here to possibly remedy this.


Oh boy that bench. After getting 4 pieces of Pride of Aesir I delved them to get the Frost Giant armor. It took 12 attempts, and in those twelve attempts, I got the Pride of Aesir scroll 4 times. Once was enough.

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Another idea would be that using your skeleton keys on the big chests in vaults rewards bonus eldarium instead of a random legendary. The new weapons pretty much shadow those OG legendaries anyways.


If we could use the duplicates instead of eldarium or with less eldarium in the bench to get a new recipe it could work too.


A little RNG is okay it makes certain items rarer, but you have a very nice suggestion here +1.

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For armors it’s not RNG. You will only get Frost Giant for pride of Aesir and you will only get Night Stalker for Zamorian thief pieces. Same for all the other armors.

when you get them is RNG. They say it’s a 33% chance. It’s just like Frost Giant is number 1 of 3 Pride of Aesir is number 2 and Nothing is number 3. It rolls alot of 3s.


Okay, then with weapons we can talk about double RNG.

One time to get a recipe at all and another one for the wanted recipe.

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