Corrupted and World Bosses dropping Decaying Eldarium

We got a large group of players to kill one of the worldboss Rocknose Behemoths, lost 2 thralls and a reaper queen but we did it. But he just dropped a skeleton key. And that got me thinking why not have corrupted and boss monsters drop Eldarium in their loot tables? Not as much as a dungeon of course. But like 10-100 decaying eldarium depending on boss difficulty. This opens up an alternative method to collect Eldarium when dungeons are locked out.


Sometimes, you only got 40 in a dungeon…

When the dungeon chest at the end actually works, I usually get 50+ in vaults. If you 100% all the chests and enemies.

We get about 200 unstable substance in a good storm. I don’t think getting 40 eldariumin in that is over the top. Right now those thralls drop the same crap Evey time. I like the idea

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