Best Vault To Farm Eldarium?

So I recently started playing CE, and am now at the stage where I’m using Eldarium for gear. Repairs etc.
I built close to the gremlin vault, and got into a routine of just clearing that for Eld, then go do other stuff between the vault unlocking again. I thought for a change I’d hit the Asylum Of Fiends vault. It’s supposed to be a bit more difficult, so I figured the rewards (Eldarium) would be greater. I think I had 2 pieces drop from mobs, and then got some from the boss and end chest. I came back with a third less than what I’d get running the easy starter vault. Which makes absolutely no sense to me. Risk/reward is a key component in pretty much all activities. Or it should be. Otherwise people just farm the easy vault if theres no incentive to do more challenging ones.
Anyways, the point of this post is to ask where you guys go for Eldarium. Are there any vaults you prefer? Any that give you a larger yield per run?

Eldarium is not even needed that much.

weapons of the grey ones are way better and are easy to get and to repair (and they don’t lose durability when repaired)

I just run the dungeons that are close to my base to get some Eldarium for delving, I‘m in the west so I run spider dungeon a lot

Demonspider, gremlin, and outsiders are all very easy to clear quickly. I personally have done very few vaults since my return and have a boat load of eldarium from smelting scraps dropped by accursed minibosses.

Personally, I would suggest farming minibosses. In addition to scrap drops you have chests that drop essence, statue spawns, etc.

Scraps? I think I must have been missing something. I’ve never come across any scraps… Where do you find these accursed minibosses?

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On dusk and one of the center camps. Rabid M-something, Fin the Rambler, and the other guys name I can’t remember at all. They drop an item just called scraps fairly frequently. Each one smelts into 5 bars iirc.

Don’t suppose you could give me the grids of these camps could you? I appreciate the info, but it’s very vague atm. All I’m hearing is a camp in the middle, and on dusk. Could ya narrow it down a smidge please bud? lol :’)

Krait the Planewalker is at a camp I5 just NW of the Pit of the Grey Ones, there are a couple of docks on the lake just below the camp.
Rabid Milly is at a camp G/H5 near the shore, there is a dock in front of the camp
Fin the Rambler is in a camp I4/5 along the coast

None of these maps have an associated marker just FYI, so you wont be able to identify them on the interactive map. Did also confirm the scraps smelt into 5 bars each, and just of note they can drop multiple at a time. They may drop 5 each time they drop


Don’t use eldarium for repairs it’s a waste use repair kits that’s what I do im sitting on about 6k eldarium bars thanks to using repair kits😊

Nice one, cheers bud. Guess I’ll be raiding those today then lol :]

Best way to farm Eldarium bars = farming certain 1 skull bosses that drop “scraps”, which can then be smelted into Eldarium bars. 1 scrap = 5 bars.

Precise coords of 3 scrap dropping targets.
I’ll be using this format: if a target is bang in the middle of the grid A1, I will call it A.5,1.5 turning each grid into a 10x10 sub-grid for better accuracy.

Krait The Planewaker = I.5,5.1
Fin The Rambler = G.9,4.7
Rabid Milly = G.9,5.4

If anyone wishes to add to this list of scrap dropping targets, post the boss name and the coords in the format I’ve used. Then I can check and update the list.

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The only grey ones weapon I equip followers with is the mace for the bleed. Otherwise it’s all Feroxic which has almost identical damage and pen, unless I’m farming a Boss who’s immune to poison.

None of my weapons or armor has lost durability yet, been using and repairing the same set for months.

Grey ones weapons are also more than double the weight.

can you confirm whether you are still getting 5x bars from 1x Scrap, and did this yesterday and only got 10x bars from 10x scraps.

Unless there was a patch since I posted, it was 5 bars to 1 scrap. Ran the loop and smelted it just to be sure

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