Scrap? and how do i get some?

im seeing there is an item called scraps in siptah. is this still the case or was it removed? uf not removed how do i go about getting it?

There are some 1 skull bosses on the south center island that drop scraps when you kill them. This has been the only place I have seen them.

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This thread from a while ago had some exact locations for scrap bosses. Hope it helps!


In the siptah side scrap is only found on certain bosses like Rabid Milly. seen it on a few others all in the new lands. However in siptap it is put in the furance and turned into eldarium think 1 scrap to 5 bars.

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Milly is not to far from Rave of Rubble another on south shore on a point of land not to far from there. and not sure but i think there is a boss by the tower up high he like Milly is naked they don’t always drop.

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Krait the Planes Walker, Rabid Milly, and Fin the Rambler all have a chance to drop scraps. Locations should be in the post referenced above.

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sadly it didnt. maybe im not reading it right but i went to the square and every number listed in for that letter and i didnt even find a camp. let alone a npc

Odd I usually always find Rabid Milly in the same spot they listed. Although I’m not sure if she drops scraps 100% of the time. The way they have it listed is a little hard to read I think. Try at this skull located on the easternmost side of the Isle of Dusk. There is a camp on a hill by small docks with Yakith at its perimeter.

The middle most skull on the “lake” in the middle. I cant mark it on the interactive map I don’t think.

Hi there, every morning just after server reset I do a Flotsam box run down the East side and along the bottom. All up I pick up about 12 or so boxes. After opening I often get a bundle of scraps. This happens pretty consistently.

Hope that helps!

Can you go into more details about this and what you do? what i should be looking for. etc?

Ok, so do you know what a Flotsam box is? It’s a brown box crate thing that floats in the water. If you swim up to it, you can interact with it and you will get a box of items in your inventory.

You can find Flotsam boxes around the island, and one or two in the island in a river.

So, I usually start where the Stygian ships are berthed at the south of the island. Each Stygian ship should have two Flotsam boxes in the water next to the ship. Just swim up to the ship and hopefully you’ll see two crates in the water. If they aren’t there they have already been taken by another player. They will respawn every four hours.

You will/should find three in the water at the Stygian docks.

You can find up to five in the water in a water cave with The Grey Ones stone carvings etc at the southern most part of the South Island.

Sorry don’t know the coordinates off hand.

Now each Flotsam box has a random kind of box drop. One kind will drop say wines, or another kind will drop the coveted shovel, another kind will drop metal scraps. On a lucky day, you could end up with 30 scraps in a single run. It depends on the random generator.

Hope that explains it. I’m assuming you know what the ships are and the Gre Ones Cave etc. if you don’t just go for an explore down south.

If you see no Flotsam then here’s a trick, log in when server has just reset. Then all the Flotsam is reloaded. That’s what I usually do. For me the server resets at 5:10am, I log in at 5:15am and clean up on all the available locations, I come home with nearly 15 or so boxes in my inventory!

No need to farm lol.

Hope that helps.

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