Reforging Eldarium (maybe) bug

Just completed my first Vault w/a clanmate. Great success. I collected about 67 Decayed Eldarium & had no idea what to do with it. On a whim, I put a few pieces in the furnace. Voila–Eldarium bars! I clicked on the Info button (because I love all the lore entries on stuff) and saw a reference to using hardened steel with the decayed eldarium. Problem is, I didn’t use any. I didn’t use anything. Furnace + coal + decayed eldarium = eldarium bars, while the flavor text specifically references using hardened steel with the decayed eldarium.

I shouldn’t be working to make things harder for myself, but either the decayed eldarium → eldarium recipe is broken, or the flavor text on the eldarium bars is wrong.

I hope the text is wrong, because the rate of 2 to 1 is demanding enough given that decaying eldarium spawns only in vaults that get locked for at least 30 minutes after someone’s finished them. If they add hardened steel to it, that’s going to be too much.

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