Look No More - The MOSt Unique Conan Server Online! Warlock Warz

Unique Server Features:

  • 300 LvL Cap
  • 100X Harvest
  • Magic Spell System
  • Offline Base Protection (Defenders)
  • 2 Alliances (Order and Chaos) No Religion Selection as they are included to specific Alliances
  • Classes and Races
  • Flying Mounts and Magic Morphs
  • 100s of Unique Weapons, Gear and Items
  • Marketplace and Safe Rooms for Rent in Invulnerable Admin City
  • Alliance Conquer system (Alliance earns Rep, used to purchase Markers. Markers claim 10X more land than normal for expansion of the Alliance’s Kingdom)
  • Rulers receive Magic Masks that are used to open the Alliance Vault which refills once a day. These resources are used to either build up the kingdom or give to civilians as rewards)
  • Magic Champion Masks for the Ruler’s right hand advisor
  • Arena events for Alliance VS Alliance with HUGE rewards
  • Every kill offers Feat points, Currency and spell ingredients
  • Many Quests and Tasks
  • 24/7 PvP and Raiding. Build Anywhere and purposefully block resources. This is what War is about!

This will be the most unique server you have ever built or battled on. It is definitely not for lone wolves or berserkers. You will definitely want to meet your Alliance before you go on your way. Grinding is easy because buildings will be destroyed often. Defenders are Warlocks who will shoot Fire, Ice or Poison at anyone coming close to you base and they are stationary so they will always be there, unless destroyed. Flying Mounts are rare, but once earned will make the Map fully accessible. However, stay far from the Warlock Guards. Everyone can start to craft Magic at lvl 30, but there is some Magic only available to certain Classes or given as reward.

This server isn’t about Raids, it’s about War. A one man raid by an Alliance member can cause full-out retaliation from the opposing Alliance, so although PvP is always on, it comes with consequences as you can single-handedly bring your whole Alliance into unwanted warfare over a simple looting. Think of the big picture here!

Rulers aren’t safe either. The Crown is very valuable and even those in your Alliance may want a shot at being Ruler. Yet it isn’t as simple as killing and looting the Ruler. If the current Ruler has the Crown in their inventory at the time of battle, upon death, the Crown will be magically teleported to a safe Chest in the North (Order and Chaos have separate locations) To retrieve the Crown and name yourself the new ruler, you have to quest through a 4 level outpost gathering Keys to each new level as you go. Once you reach the top and speak to the Avatar of your Alliance, they will offer you the Crown and announce it to the land.

There is a lot going on in the Warlock Warz server and now all that’s missing is YOU! This is a server 2 years in the works that only gets better every update. We are so unique here that you don’t even have to leave your favorite server to join us. The experience is so different it will feel like two separate games!

Here are the important links you need to take part in our journey and make a place for yourself and your Alliance. If you’re getting tired of Conan Lore…this is your new home!

Mod List : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1261931524 4
Connect : steam://connect/
Website : https://warlockwarz.com
Discord : https://discord.gg/Y8SVCuJ