Looking for a chill NA Isle of Siptah PVP clan

Looking to migrate myself and my woman to a serious but chill pvp clan. Plenty of experience, ran a clan that was alpha on 3 servers on ps4. Message me on here or add me on discord.

Nieoh Zen’no#4382

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hey i want in as well. I am a PS4 refuge as well. dm me and I can tell you the server I am on. Just starting, but maybe us ex PS4 peeps can group up.

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Also a ex Ps4 player, currently established on an official with 3 other guys, we are looking for active members, come to discord discord.gg/g7n6fp or add me steam 124131703 - MANFLESH

LOL, Manflesh. I used that as a character on Exiles after the dafari kept saying it when i went thru their camps :slight_smile: