Looking for a few people to join me on the Pc

I’m looking for a few people to join my clan. I have 700 hours invested in the game. I’m not interested in joining a big clan or forming a huge clan. I’m just looking for a few other dedicated players to game with. I’m playing in official server 1653 please be over the age of 21. Thanks for reading

Couldn’t tempted you to move servers? :smiley: We are a clan of 3 core players with a couple people we have picked up over time who assist us.

Same question here! :smiley:
We are reviving our 70-Slot ultra high performance Server, love to see more ppl on it!
xp & harvest are a little above normal, without giving u the feeling of getting everything for free :wink:

heres the IP:

feel free to ask me anything! :slight_smile: