Looking for a good PS4 server, PVE or PVE-C

Looks like the server my clan was a part of is closing shop at the end of today. So at least two of us are looking for a new PS4 server, PVE or PVE-C (Assuming you don’t have to participate until your base/team are ready). Hoping for one that is password protected to keep out players just trying to screw up servers. Our last server was fun, active admins, weekend events, set PVP times, market place, etc. Granted a new one might not have all of those options, or building to them. We are just looking for a server that will be up for a while, to have fun, and keep on playing the game with others adding to a fun experience.


US server if possible as well. We are willing to play on any region server really, but I figure the language barrier and such.

Me and a friend of mine started a PVE(PVP on the weekends) server you are welcome to join. We are just getting things set up and plan on locking the server once we get a good player base built. We will be making a welcome center and a PVP arena with weekly clan rankings and events and will be setting up a discord server. Of you are interested in joining just search first nine under pve. We only have 25 slots but will add more if needed

Thanks for the reply and definitely interested. Your PVP on weekends, will bases have the ability to opt out if they are ready or nobody is online?

I started playing single player two weeks ago and found a nice server two days ago, but as it turns out, it’s being deleted today. I’m pretty much in the same boat with the same questions. Mind if I join this conversation?

I have a new server I started today. There are only 4 of us playing right now and we are cool if we add a few more. Server is PvE with a few small adjustments made to make some things less of a timesink. If you are interested message me on console, Spazm54.

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Join it up sir. It was probably on the same server I was on!

We have a server that is 30 slots ps4 pve. It has been paid for throught 1 year. We have just a few more open slots and would like to invite you to check us out. Message me in console at jray32363 or go to our community page at jray conan exiles. Thanks and look forward to playing with you soon.


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I was on this severer too, looks like I need to find another

For people that were in Asgardian, myself and a clan member started playing in Jray’s last night. Some of the settings are different than the other server, but still not too far off. You do have stamina to deal with, but it’s been adjusted some. Not as crowded, which I miss bumping into random exiles, but it also means more places to build. Not as much building restrictions either.

If you are looking for a PVE experience, it seems like a worthy choice of a server. Being paid for a year offers nice stability, since Asgardians let us down in that department.

Well, turns out we really were on the same server after all!

@jray323 if you don’t mind, I’ll get in touch with you tonight or tomorrow.

You can message me or Madworld1976. He is in the UK so he is on when I am not. He is my main admin. We also just wiped the sever yesterday so everyone starting over. Its a great time to join up.

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I’m also looking for a PS4 server to join. I’m currently on an official server but with no way to communicate to other players. Is there a discord or other chat available?

Maybe we are what your after . Maybe not. Doeesnt hurt to check it out :slight_smile:

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