Looking for a PVP clan


Looking for a group of players to play pvp with prefer if u have some exp as I only been playing a few weeks myself but doesn’t matter if not just looking for a solid group of players to take on a server with, willing to join any server as I’m currently on a sever playing solo hit me up n we can sort something out


Join my pvp ps4 server if u want. A lot of clans looking for players. 40 slots.
In our discord there is a recruitment section, everyday ppl or players meet up there.

Summer is here / 2x / New / Admin / Events / Shop

Or add my psn: mpcelroy

Ok what’s the discord? N I’ll see if I can get in to a clan I guess a lot of people already have groups going

There are multiple solo people and multiple people in clans.
Discord code :

Let me know when you join