Looking for active members to join our clan!

Looking for members to join a currently active clan. Our server is PVE-C, friendly, and welcoming to new people, as are we! The server is This Land! RP upgraded -New Player Friendly-. We’re creating a Greek city-state, Mycenae. We do some casual, light RP, nothing serious or mandatory, but we would love more people willing to fit into our Greek theme! The server doesn’t have many rules, simple stuff for declaring wars before starting raids, and minor stuff like that. For our clan, we are recreating the Greeks in many ways, we have a democratic government, and require that our landed males have their endowment sliders all the way down (for aesthetic appeal).

Hit either me or my friend up on Steam if you’re interested:
Or on here, but Steam would probably be seen more easily.

id like to join you im new here

Awesome! If you could send me a friend request on Steam, you can find it under the id # 76561198007534087